For Prospective Students

School of International Studies        March 24, 2017

Admission Information for International Students

For Prospective Students

The School of International Studies (SIS) offers the following types of entrance examinations for international students. Since the application procedures are different according to the type of examination, prospective students are requested to read the following admission information carefully. Except the “Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken” which is given in Japanese, all other examinations are conducted in English. Admission information and application documents are downloadable from the links provided below. Please contact the SIS office if you have any inquiries concerning the admission process (

Types of Entrance Examinations for International Students:

Nyugaku Shiken


(3) (4)
Number of
Intake (1)
(Dai Ichiji Nyushi)
(Dai Niji Nyushi)
September Examination
November Examination
Total 15
Types of
Students who are proficient in Japanese Students whose first language is English or who are competent in English Students whose first language is English or who are competent in English
1. Document Screening(5)
2. Oral examination(Japanese)
1. Essay writing (English)
2. Oral examination (English)
Oral examination through long-distance communication technology (English)
Sep. 14 to
Sep. 21,
Nov. 15 to
Nov. 22,
Aug. 26 to
Sep. 2,
Oct. 31 to
Nov. 11,
Oct. 11 to Nov. 11, 2016
Oct. 29, 2016 Jan. 7, 2017 Sep. 14, 2016 Dec. 3, 2016 Dec. 3, 2016
Nov. 8, 2016 Jan.13, 2017 Sep.30, 2016 Dec. 9, 2016 Dec. 9, 2016
NoteScreening will be conducted based on EJU score in the subjects of “Japanese” (including Writing) and “Japan and the World.” Please refer to (5) for its details. 1. Minimum English proficiency is required (2).
2. Application documents will also be considered for admission.
1. Minimum English proficiency is required (2).
2. Applicants residing overseas can apply for this admission.
3. Application documents and the oral interview will be considered for admission.


  • (1) The total number of student intake is 300.
  • (2) The minimum English proficiency level required: TOEFL ® 530 (PBT), 71 (iBT), TOEIC ® 680, EIKEN (STEP) Grade Pre-1, IELTS 6.0 or higher. These test scores must be from tests taken within two years prior to application except for EIKEN.
  • (3) The Overseas Admission is an admission procedure which will be conducted by screening submitted documents and giving an oral interview by a long-distance communication system. Before submission of application documents, applicants are required to submit the "Preliminary Inquiry Form (PIF)", which can be downloaded from this website.
  • (4) For Domestic and Overseas Admissions, applicants are allowed to apply only once.
  • (5) Applicants of both October and January Examinations must have taken the subject of “Japanese” and “Japan and the World” in EJU.
    Below is the standard score for “Japanese” (including writing).
    October Examination (Dai Ichiji Nyushi): 280 or higher
    January Examination (Dai Niji Nyushi): 300 or higher
    *Those scores are not required for applicants; however, we recommend to have them.

Admission Information and Application Documents

1. Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken (This examination is given in Japanese.)

- Information and Application Forms for Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken (Go to the CIEC web page.)

Results of the 2016 Entrance Examinations

Admission Type Applicants Vacancy Applied Accepted Enrolled
Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken

Students who are proficient
in Japanese
15 26 19 16
Domestic Admission Students whose first language is English or
who are competent in English
10 5 4 3
Overseas Admission 5 9 8 7

Tuition and Other Fees

Following is the tuition and other expenses for the 2016 enrollee (unit: Japanese Yen). Tuition and other expenses for 2017 enrollee have not been finalized.

  2016 2017 2018 2019
Admission Fee 300,000 - - -
Tuition (Annual) 830,000 979,000 979,000 979,000
Enhancement Fee 235,000 275,000 275,000 275,000
Total 1,365,000 1,254,000 1,254,000 1,254,000

Note: The total fee listed above does not include miscellaneous fees (Membership fee of Parental Association, Student Co-op fee and others - total 25,500 yen in 2016) as these fees are subject to change.

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