About the School of International Studies

Public Relations Office        April 1, 2013

Message from the Dean

Equipping Students to Think Globally


Shoichi ITO, Ph.D.
School of International Studies

Since its foundation, Kwansei Gakuin has focused its efforts on educating people who contribute to society as World Citizens. We have produced many graduates with a strong international grounding, and to further that mission, we established the School of International Studies (SIS) in April 2010. At the SIS, students have the opportunity to study a range of disciplines, which will help them understand a variety of issues the contemporary world is faced with from diverse perspectives. Many of the lectures and seminars are offered in English, focusing in particular on Asia (including Oceania) and North America. This enables students with advanced English language skills, including native speakers, to study in various subject fields, while also improving their Japanese language proficiency.
The SIS offers various types of entrance examinations aimed particularly at international students who speak English as their first language or have an equivalent level of English communication skills. Students of diverse backgrounds study and learn together at the SIS to become true citizens of the world.

SIS Philosophy

The goal of the School of International Studies is to educate students so that they will be fully equipped to understand and analyze issues in the field of international affairs. Through their studies, students will become "world citizens" with "global minds," able to contribute to society and their fellow men and women both locally and globally.

In order to achieve this goal, students are required to study foreign languages to an advanced level, and to familiarize themselves with the academic research methods necessary for specific area studies. Depending on their areas of interest, students enter either the North American Studies Course or the Asian Studies Course. Each of these courses is comprised of three different study fields: Culture and Language, Society and Governance, and Economics and Management. The School of International Studies offers a full range of specialized courses in English.

Through their studies at the SIS, students will develop the following abilities and character traits:

i. The ability to find and solve problems
This ability is cultivated in small group seminar classes in the fields of Culture and Language, Society and Governance, and Economics and Management.

ii. The ability to understand different cultures
Students also familiarize themselves with the characteristics of different cultures through studies in the fields of Culture and Language, Society and Governance, and Economics and Management.

iii. High ethical standards
Through a liberal education based on the values of Christianity and humanity, students develop a firm moral foundation.

iv. Linguistic communication ability
Students acquire advanced language communication skills in the foreign language education program during the four years of their education. In their sophomore year, all students are required to participate in a study abroad program for a minimum of one month to a maximum of one year.

SIS model

Faculty Message

Timothy Yun Hui TSU, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies
School of International Studies

Timothy Yun Hui TSU, Ph.D

Welcome to the School of International Studies. The creation of a School of International Studies committed to approaching education from a global perspective and with interdisciplinary expertise is a bold and exciting undertaking that I strongly identify with. I also believe that Japan is well placed to promote international studies and that KGU has a proud tradition of fostering intercultural exchange. I look forward to working with you aspiring young men and women from diverse social and cultural backgrounds and different parts of the world to rethink old problems, ask new questions, and search for innovative answers.

Student Message

Name: Sohee KIM

4th year student from Busan International Foreign Language High School, South Korea


My high school and KGU are sister schools, and my English teacher recommended the School of International Studies to me. I was told that the educational quality of KGU is very good for learning not only Japanese but also English. I can be trilingual by studying here. Also, I wanted to live independently. For these reasons, I decided to come to the SIS.

I am studying international studies, and am interested in international affairs and politics, especially in East Asia. I am taking classes in both English and Japanese. The SIS is a new faculty and its facilities are of high quality. During my four years here, I want to master Japanese, and to maximize my TOEFL IBT score. After graduation, I would like to work overseas.

At the beginning, I found it difficult to adapt myself to Japan, learn Japanese, and make friends with Japanese students. However, there are a variety of educational opportunities and overseas programs provided by the SIS. I am sure students will enjoy the educational chances offered here. Come and see for yourself!