Kwansei Gakuin University Selected by MEXT as Recipient for Global 30 Plus Grant

Public Relations Office        March 21, 2013

UN Student Volunteers

UN Student Volunteers

As part of MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)’s ongoing efforts to boost globalization of Japanese higher education, the “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development (Global 30 Plus)” grant was established to encourage universities to promote overseas study abroad and exchange programs.

KGU was chosen for Type-A funding by the government to establish university-wide initiatives to bring more students abroad, create competent world citizens, and to act as a role-model for other universities to follow.

After successfully receiving grant in 2011 as part of MEXT’s Re-Inventing Japan Project, the “Cross-Cultural College (CCC) - Canada-Japan Collaborative Program for Educating World Citizens as Future Leaders”, has been running since 2011.

For the current grant which was announced on September 24, KGU was picked along with 10 other leading Universities in Japan. While Type-A funding is set for university-wide initiatives, Type-B grants have also been given to 31 Universities for faculty-based developments.

KGU Initiatives Under the Global 30 Plus Grant

KGU Initiatives Under the Global 30 Plus Grant

KGU Initiatives Under the Global 30 Plus Grant

KGU's educational system has the following three main characteristics - Global Education, Practical Education and Interdisciplinary Education - to foster citizens who will contribute positively to the global community. In 2009, as part of its 120th anniversary landmark celebration, KGU formulated the New Strategic Plan and it has since expanded its international programs through the establishment of the new International Initiative Team, boosting numbers of students studying abroad, reinforcing its English Programs, expanding its partnerships with universities around the world, and working with International Organizations such as United Nations Volunteers to send more students on International Cooperation activities.

This has culminated into the current model that was selected by MEXT for the Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Project. With this new model KGU intends on building on 5 course clusters: Language Courses, Practical Courses, Global Courses, Life Design Courses, and Leadership Courses.

Of these the core components will be the Language Courses that are assigned according to proficiency, and Practical Courses that includes United Nations Student Volunteer programs, and overseas internships and international exchanges where there is an emphasis on practical knowledge and participation.

Furthermore, 3 Certificate Programs (CP) will be established to provide incentive for up to 700 students: the Global Leader CP, Global Expert CP and Global Citizen CP.

The Global Leader CP consists of fostering leaders who will have the knowledge and skills to lead management roles. Participation in a 5-month International Cooperation Activities such as UN Student Volunteers is necessary. This CP is offered for 50 students.

The Global Expert CP will focus on harnessing specialized skills and knowledge, and participation in one-semester/one-year study abroad programs or overseas internship is required. This is open to 150 students.

The Global Citizen CP aims to develop cultural awareness in the global world. Participation in one-semester or one-month foreign language program or international joint-seminar is expected. It is open to 500 students.

Under the leadership of President Takutoshi Inoue, the new “Global Human Resource Development Initiative” will be established with the support of every school and department at KGU to develop curriculums to reinforce the above model.

We are confident that, as our motto of “Mastery for Service” suggests, that this initiative will prove to be exemplary for other Japanese institutions, and through the expansion of our international projects KGU will produce capable world citizens who will contribute positively in the global community.

Comment from Dr. Takutoshi Inoue, President of Kwansei Gakuin University

Dr.Inoue, President of Kwansei Gakuin University

Dr.Inoue, President of Kwansei Gakuin University

I am very pleased that Kwansei Gakuin University was selected to receive the grant from MEXT for the plan under the FY2012 Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development. This owes much to the efforts that have been made in order to achieve the goal of producing world citizens since the foundation of the University.

As we implement this plan, we will establish a system to produce globally competent individuals, thereby contributing further to the international and business communities.