Students from School of Business Administration develop sweet beverage under a business-academia collaboration project

Public Relations Office        March 17, 2014



 A new product, “Gelato Latte,” was unveiled in Osaka on March 17. It was developed under a collaborative project between LB Co., Ltd., and 17 students from Professor Junya Ishibuchi’s seminar in the School of Business Administration, who all graduated from the university in 2014.

“Gelato Latte” is the second product after “Sweet Potato Latte,” the first product developed and marketed in December 2012 under this project, which was launched in November 2011.

With cooperation from LB, students exchanged ideas and conducted investigations and analyses to determine the product concept. It took about nine months to commercialize this latest creation. “Gelato Latte” is a sweet rich milk beverage with the taste of pistachio, a popular gelato flavor. The drink has a rich flavor that enables consumers to enjoy a feeling of luxury and relaxation.

In addition to commercialization efforts, the students have made promotional efforts—posting pictures and comments on Facebook, and delivering a video that introduces the process of their product development—to make the public more interested in “Gelato Latte.”

One student said with a smile, “I enjoyed the marketing process very much. I’m experiencing a rewarding sense of satisfaction seeing the product of our combined efforts being delivered to people all over Japan.”

“Gelato Latte” will be available at convenience stores and other retailers in Japan from April 8, 2014.