UNHCR representative in Japan speaks at a lecture on human rights

Public Relations Office        June 23, 2014

a lecture on human rights

 Kwansei Gakuin University hosted a lecture on June 18, with Mr. Michael Lindenbauer, representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Japan as a speaker. This lecture is a part of KG’s initiative to encourage its members to consider human rights issues. Mr. Lindenbauer gave a lecture on the theme “Learning from working for the UNHCR: UNHCR’s missions and activities for today’s world.”

 He has worked for the UNHCR for nearly 30 years, engaged in protecting people from conflicts and other human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Ireland and various other countries around the world. In his lecture, he explained the UNHCR’s activities, and ongoing refugee problems in countries such as Syria and South Sudan. He also discussed refugee issues in Japan. He then presented facts about the Syrian Civil War—about nine million people have been forced to flee from their homes, of which more than 2.7 million people have been registered as refugees. He also provided an account of activities of UNHCR members risking their lives to save such people.

 He called for the audience to become more aware of refugee issues and world events. About 80 students and teaching staff listened intently to his lecture.