The 63rd Annual All-Japan Inter-Senior High School English Oratorical Contest for the Churchill Trophy held

Public Relations Office        November 8, 2014

 English speech contest

English speech contest

 The English Speaking Society (E.S.S.) of Kwansei Gakuin University held an English speech contest for senior high school students in Japan on November 9. This contest, which is held as part of KG’s contribution to society, is designed to help senior  high school students improve their English skills and provide them with an opportunity to express their ideas in English to the public.

 Since this speech contest began in 1952 with support from the late Sir Winston Churchill, former British prime minister, it has been hosted by KG’s E.S.S. and Aoyama Gakuin University’s counterpart. This year marked the 63rd anniversary. In the final round of the contest, 12 senior high school students who had survived the East/West-Japan Elimination competed with one another in speech skill to win the first prize. The contestants were able to improve not only their English skills but also their self-confidence by having the experience of being evaluated by judges well-versed in English, such as native speakers, and speaking in public on a large stage under the spotlight.

 The speech contest attracted many people, including families and friends of the contestants, as well as students from KG and other universities.