KGU’s first sumo wrestler Ura presented with a kesho-mawashi (ceremonial apron)

Public Relations Office        April 28, 2016


 On April 28, at the Station Conference event facility in Tokyo, a kesho-mawashi presentation ceremony was held for former KGU Sumo Club member Ura (Stable: Kise; Real Name: Kazuki Ura, School of Education ’15), who rose to the rank of juryo (the second-highest division) in the Natsu Basho Grand Sumo Tournament (First Day: May 8; Venue: Kokugikan Arena). During the ceremony, KGU President Osamu Murata and Sumo Club Coach Yujiro Nagata (Professor in the School of Humanities) presented Ura with a kesho-mawashi (an embroidered ceremonial apron worn by wrestlers in the uppermost divisions), and KG Alumni Association President Ippei Murakami presented him with a certificate congratulating him on his debut as a juryo.

 The kesho-mawashi was produced through collaboration between KGU and the KG Alumni Association. The design features the school seal and the Japanese characters for “Ura” and “Kwansei Gakuin University” against a background of the school color, “KG blue,” while the white band at the bottom represents the logo of the KG Alumni Association. Coach Nagata, who specializes in Japanese art, was responsible for the design.

 Ura expressed his pleasure in accepting the kesho-mawashi: “I’m honored to receive such a splendid kesho-mawashi. I think it’s a beautiful design that captures the spirit of Kwansei Gakuin. The fact that I was able to become the fourth-fastest wrestler in history to climb through the ranks is thanks to my four years of growth as a member of the KGU Sumo Club. I hope to contribute to the advancement of both KGU and the Sumo Club through my efforts in the future. Looking ahead, my foremost goal is to maintain more wins than losses. I will keep wrestling in my personal style of improvisation based on my opponent’s movements, and work to raise my rank even further.”


 President Murata congratulated Ura: “The debut of KGU’s first high-ranking professional sumo wrestler fills me with the utmost joy. I have high hopes for your future endeavors.” Alumni Association President Murakami also remarked: “This is an incredibly proud occasion for us in the Alumni Association as well. The entire Association will continue to support you in the future.”
 About 40 representatives from 20 different media agencies were present at the venue, a testament to the intense degree of media attention that Ura is attracting.