KG Accepts 2017 Award from the Architectural Institute of Japan

Public Relations Office        April 17, 2017

Nishinomiya-Uegahara Campus, Total Design


The Kwansei Gakuin Educational Foundation, together with Nihon Sekkei Inc., which has consistently shouldered design work responsibilities on the Kwansei Gakuin campus and buildings—such as development planning decisions about student and educational facilities from the late 1970s and 80s up until now— received a 2017 achievement award from the Architectural Institute of Japan.

The Architectural Institute of Japan aims to boost the growth and development of science, technology and arts related to architecture, and elevate Japan’s architectural culture. Awards are conferred to particularly excellent essays, products, art objects and oustanding achievements in the field. In 2017, ten essays, two products, two art objects and four achievements, including those of Kwansei Gakuin, received awards.

Kwansei Gakuin’s Nishinomiya-Uegahara campus won this award for maintaining the idea behind its original design layout since its founding in 1929, while appropriately carrying out the facility improvements that are demanded by modern universities. In addition, the maintenance of the framework and scenery, which have been fundamental since the campus’s founding, is not at odds with the pursuit of facility upgrades. It is hoped that Kwansei Gakuin’s development efforts in service of both goals will serve as a positive example for campus planning in the future.

“Kwansei Gakuin Nishinomiya-Uegahara Campus, Total Design - Progressive Improvements to its Traditional Campus” is a collective achievement award for KG's Nishinomiya-Uegahara campus scenery—unified by the clear main axis based around the central lawn and the Spanish Mission style architecture—and the school's efforts to preserve the fundamental framework and scenery of the campus, while also modernizing and upgrading the facilities.