KGU Sprinter Tada Named to Japanese National Team

Public Relations Office        June 25, 2017

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Tada speaking at the press conference to announce the team

 On Monday, June 26th, Shuhei Tada, a third-year student in the School of Law and Politics, was selected by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) as a member of the sprinter team that will represent Japan at the 16th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships, which will be held in London in August.
 Tada had some ambitious comments regarding his selection. “I’m very grateful to have been selected. I’m happy that JAAF took notice of me. I also feel pressure, but I want to do my best and not be distracted by it. It’ll be the first time for me to shoulder the responsibility of representing Japan in a race, so I want to run as someone who can challenge the rest of the world.”
 Tada took 2nd place in the finals of the 100-meter dash at the Japan Championships on June 24th, clocking a time of 10.16. The writeup of that event follows below.

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 Shuhei Tada, a 3rd-year student in the School of Law and Politics, clocked a time of 10.16 to secure second place in the finals of the men’s 100-meter dash event at the Japan Championships in Athletics, held on June 24th (Friday) at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka.
 ”I didn’t notice at all,” Tada said of the sudden downpour that started before the finals. Noting that he “tried too hard” during the preliminary round, he picked up steady speed in the second half. He battled eventual winner Abdul Hakim Sani Brown from start to finish, managing to evade him during the middle part of the race, and his relaxed strides got him to second place.
 With his time, Tada takes a big step toward the World Championships, which will be held in August in London. Not content with second place, Tada—who celebrated his 21st birthday on the same day as the finals—said, “I focused on running my own race, not thinking about this weather or the other runners. Though I’m disappointed I couldn’t take first, I’m happy I was able to run like this in my hometown. I want to develop even more,” as he looked toward his next race.