Sino-Japanese Economic and Social Development Forum Held at KGU

Public Relations Office        October 3, 2017

Themed Around East Asian Innovation and Economic Development


Panel discussion

To commemorate the 35th year of Kwansei Gakuin University’s partnership agreement with Jilin University (China), Kwansei Gakuin University hosted the 6th Sino-Japanese Economic and Social Development Forum (“East Asian Innovation and Economic Development: Comparing Both Countries and their Joint Efforts”) on September 28th, the founding anniversary of Kwansei Gakuin University. Approximately 100 people attended the forum, and listened attentively to the speakers.

In addition to people affiliated with both schools, the Forum invites businesspeople from both Japan and China. The Forum’s objective is to discuss the possibility of innovation in both countries, as well as how industry and academia should work together.


At the forum venue

During the morning session, after the opening remarks by KG Vice-President Shoichi Ito and Jilin Vice-President Du Li, there were three reports by keynote speakers. Li Zheng, professor at Jilin University’s Graduate School of Economics, spoke about “Development Results and Experiences in the Innovative Chinese Economy.” Atsushi Mashita, managing director at Shinko Seiki Co. Ltd., talked about “Innovation at Medium-Sized Firms - East Asian Innovation and Economic Development: Comparisons and Cooperation Between Japan and China.” Li Xue, head of Jilin University’s Peking Alumni Association, gave a talk themed around “Strengthening Chinese Innovation Via Overseas Strategic Model M&A Policy.”

In the afternoon session, there was a lively panel discussion themed around “Concrete Initiatives Toward Innovation According to Chinese and Japanese Private Enterprise and How Industrial Policy Ought to Be,” and “The Future Trend of Innovation.” There were four panelists added to the group: Jilin University professor Li Xiao, Yoshinobu Sato of the KGU Institute of Business and Accounting, KGU School of Business Administration professor Satoko Yasuda, and Jilin University lecturer Zhe Sun.


Visiting the Sysmex corporation

On September 29th, more than 20 officials from Jilin University, together with 20 business operators from Jilin, went on a tour of Sysmex Corporation, a representative business of Hyogo and a world market leader in the field of lab testing equipment and testing reagents. The group visited key factories and spoke with the manager. In the afternoon, the group participated in an exchange get-together with other businesses from Kobe City, an event sponsored by the Kobe Chamber of Commerce. There was a proactive exchange of opinions and ideas between businesses from both countries. It is hoped that this meeting will lead to a deepening of the inter-business relationship between the cities of Kobe and Jilin.