KGU Welcomes Visitors from the Yangon University of Education

Public Relations Office        December 1, 2017

In November, Kwansei Gakuin University welcomed a group of faculty members from the Yangon University of Education (YUOE), one of Myanmar’s top universities and the only teacher training school in the country to offer doctoral degrees in education. Their visit was part of the ongoing exchange agreement between the two universities, signed in 2016.

Visiting a local elementary school

Visiting a local elementary school

As Myanmar continues its democratic transition, comprehensive education reform will be vital, and Japanese universities are uniquely positioned to assist in this regard. In the area of education, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was the only international aid organization other than UNICEF to receive access to the country during military rule. As a result, many current key figures in higher education in Myanmar studied abroad at universities in Japan, which was a key factor in establishing the exchange agreement. One major focus of the agreement is sending YUOE administrators, faculty and teachers-in-training to Japan to learn firsthand about its education system.

In addition to visiting Kwansei Gakuin University, the educators from Myanmar traveled to a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high and high school, where they conducted in-depth class observations over several days. One thing that stood out to them about Japan was how early students are taught how to operate in collaborative frameworks. They were particularly impressed by how groups of students as young as six could serve school lunch to dozens of classmates without constantly needing explicit instructions, due to a frequently reinforced system with clearly defined responsibilities for each group member. With more visits scheduled in the coming years, YUOE and Kwansei Gakuin anticipate that the knowledge gained through their joint exchange activities will help empower Myanmar’s next generation of teachers to positively reshape the country’s education system at every level.