KGU Alumnus Hiroki Yokoyama Selected to Japan’s National Speed Skating Short Track Team

Public Relations Office        January 11, 2018

Yokoyama skating in his university days

Yokoyama skating in his university days

 The All Japan Speed Skating Championships, which also served as the final screening to select the team which will represent Japan at the Pyeongchang (South Korea) Winter Olympics, was held at the Nippongaishi Arena in Nagoya on December 16th and 17th. Kwansei Gakuin University alumnus and former KGU Skating Club member Hiroki Yokoyama (School of Economics, 2016, Toyota Motor Corporation) won the 1500m event. He finished 2nd in the 500m event and 3rd in the 1000m event to take 2nd place overall, and was selected to Japan’s national speed skating short track team by the Japan Skating Federation.

 Yokoyama started skating as a fourth-grader in elementary school. With an uncompromising personality, he made conspicuous and rapid progress, and entered his first international tournament when he was at Kwansei Gakuin Junior High School. As a university student, he had many outstanding achievements, including an overall victory at the 2014 All-Japan Championships and a prize at the World Cup. After graduating, he joined the Toyota Motor Corporation, where he continues to compete as a skater.