Miwa Laboratory Receives Research Award from IEICE Technical Committee on Network Systems

Public Relations Office        March 6, 2018

At the 34th Information Networks and Network Systems Research Workshop, held on March 1st, Tsuyoshi Yamasaki (a Miwa Laboratory researcher and 1st-year grad student in the Department of Informatics at the School of Science and Technology) and Professor Hiroyoshi Miwa received the IEICE Network Systems Research Award. This award, given to papers presented at IEICE functions, recognizes outstanding research and researchers who are expected to participate actively in their field in the future.

Entitled "Method of Determining Recovery Order for Intermittent Link Failures Considering Link Failure Probability," the winning research paper concerns a way to formulate an adequate network recovery plan when large-scale disasters occur, taking aftershocks and other damage occurring again into account. The research, which formulated this as a discrete optimization problem, clarified its mathematical properties, and designed a more effective algorithm, was very well-received.

Mr. Yamasaki (left) and Prof. Miwa

Mr. Yamasaki (left) and Prof. Miwa