Shuhei Tada Wins for the Fourth Straight Year at Kansai ICAAK Meet

Public Relations Office        May 11, 2018

Another Victory in the 100-Meter Event

 On the third day of the 95th Annual Kansai Intercollegiate Athletics Association Meet, held at the Nishi Kyogoku Athletic Stadium on May 11th, KGU runner Shuhei Tada, fourth-year student in the School of Law and Politics, won the 100-meter event. This was the first time in 55 years that the same person has won the event four years in a row.
 In the final heat, there was a 1.5 meter tailwind, and using his natural speed, Tada pulled away from the pack. Tada crossed the goal line in 10.30 seconds, with a full 0.2 second difference between his time and that of the second-place finisher.

On the podium, Tada made a "four" sign with his fingers and flashed a smile.