KGU Joins the Symposium for Reforming Secondary and Higher Education

Public Relations Office        May 11, 2018

Deputy Head of the Center for Secondary and Higher Education Linkage, Mr. Ogi

Mr. Ogi during his speech

The Symposium for Reforming Secondary and Higher Education, where participants discuss how to make the university entrance exam process better, was held at the Mainichi Hall in Chiyoda, Tokyo on May 8th. Yoshihisa Ogi, Deputy Head (and Admission Officer) of the Center for Secondary and Higher Education Linkage, attended as a special guest speaker for the event, which was sponsored by Sundai Preparatory School, Daigaku Tsushin and the Mainichi Shimbun. Mr. Ogi gave a report on the MEXT Project for Reforming the University Admissions Process (Active Learning Division), in which Kwansei Gakuin University is a representative school, and talked about the development and operation of the Secondary and Higher Education Linkage Japan e-Portfolio, which has launched.

 In addition to Mr. Ogi, other speakers at the Symposium included Taizo Yamada, head of the MEXT University Admissions Office, Atsuo Nagazuka, executive director of the Japan Private School Federation, and the principal of Junten Junior and Senior High School. Afterward, representatives of Sundai Prep and Daigaku Tsushin also joined together to talk about the theme of independent assessment with regard to reforming secondary and higher education.

 Based on past initiatives, Mr. Ogi stressed that in the future, entrance exams should not select students through an overemphasis on measuring knowledge through written questions. They need to change into tests that look intently at each individual student in a many-sided and comprehensive way, one which also includes the talents and skills they acquire in high school through new forms of active, interactive and profound learning, such as the ability to learn independently and a sense of humanity. With regard to the learning process from students’ first year to their third year, Mr. Ogi explained that “By combining other assessments with ones that leverage information from Japan e-Portfolio, which you can use to grasp students’ realizations from various experiences—including their failures—and their curiosity and interest in learning, it will be possible to have entrance exams that include evaluations of students’ attitude towards being active and working with diverse groups of people, their ability to learn independently and their sense of humanity."

At the Symposium

At the Symposium