School of Education Students Give Wheelchair Basketball a Shot

Public Relations Office        May 25, 2018

Current players invited to participate as coaches

On May 21st, May 23rd and May 25th, students from the School of Education played basketball using wheelchairs at the Nishinomiya Seiwa campus gym. As part of the School’s introductory Physical Education class, roughly 300 students from all classes came together to play. Among other guests, the students invited Yuichi Morokuma, a representative from the leading wheelchair basketball NPO Para Can, as well as Yui Kitama, a candidate for the Japanese national wheelchair basketball team, to serve as teachers.

On May 21st, after an explanation of the rules and a demonstration, ten student representatives were split into two teams to play a real game. At the end, students surrounded Mr. Morokuma and Ms. Kitama for small group Q&A sessions. As students learned techniques in response to the special characteristics of the sport through the class, they experienced how enjoyable it is to be physically active, and developed a deeper understanding of wheelchair basketball.

Group photo after class

Group photo after class