First-Year Students at the School of Law and Politics Gather for a Speech Contest!

Public Relations Office        July 2, 2018

The contest

On July 2nd, a speech contest was held for 1st-year students in the School of Law and Politics at the Central Auditorium on the Nishinomiya Uegahara campus.


This contest was held as the culmination of the Step-Up Seminar, a mandatory subject for first-year students in the School of Law and Politics. Each of the 14 representatives who won their class qualifiers gave two-minute speeches about how and what they will learn at the School of Law and Politics in the future, competing over who had the best message and delivery.


 The 14 contestants looked nervous before the contest began, but on stage, they gave outstanding speeches in front of an audience of roughly 700 people. The contestants made bold statements about their goals and opinions, such as “Through what I learn, I’ll become a police officer with a legal mind, “I’ll learn about international situations and the background of Japan’s history with foreign nations, and improve our relations with many nations over the world,” and “I’ll study and volunteer overseas, and develop the ability to contribute to the world.”


 After all of the speeches, the students in the audience voted using clickers to choose the best speech. The winner of the Students’ Choice prize was Rui Onishi, who gave a strong speech about his desire to learn without being restrained by the frameworks of the School. Chihiro Gino, selected as the overall winner by the judges, gave her speech about wanting to learn about international law and make social contributions.

 The speech contest was entirely presented and managed by learning assistant upperclassmen, who planned the contest and carefully gave stage directions for lighting and sound cues.