KGU UN Youth Volunteers Recount their Experiences at a Report Session

Public Relations Office        March 20, 2019

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Professor Jun Kukita

Professor Jun Kukita

 On March 19th, 17 students who were dispatched to work in developing countries as UN Youth Volunteers for roughly five months (from September 2018) reported on their activities, and what they learned at their destinations, during a session held at the Kwansei Gakuin Hall. Six KGU students were dispatched, as well as students from Osaka University, Tsukuba University, and Akita International University. For the first half of the session, nine students in total took the stage to give their reports about what they accomplished as UN Youth Volunteers, and the experience they gained by volunteering in developing countries in furtherance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

 In the second half of the session, four students from KGU, Sophia University, AIU and Rikkyo University took the stage for a panel discussion about what they gained from becoming UN Youth Volunteers. Suzu Nozaki (4th-year student, School of International Studies), a panelist who served at the regional office for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for Central and South Africa, was responsible for making sure the office ran well, as well as developing the annual report and PR materials, among other tasks.

Nozaki talked about her experiences, and how she felt that her department had a weak relationship with other departments. She was able to build trust by eating meals with staff members from other departments, and the work of the entire department went more smoothly as a result, Professor Jun Kukita, director of the Integrated Center for UN and Foreign Affairs Studies, moderated the session. In response to Nozaki’s experiences, Professor Kukita noted, “The ability to discover problems and resolve them yourself, as you did, is necessary for people working at the UN. It’s the complete opposite of learning things that have been established.”