109 High Schools Present Research at SGH Koshien 2019

Public Relations Office        March 25, 2019

Kobe University Secondary School and the Fujimigaoka High School for Girls awarded the top prizes

On March 23rd, the 2019 Super Global High School Research Summit (2019 SGH Koshien) was held at KGU's Nishinomiya Uegahara campus for the third time.

At the event, a collaborative venture organized by KGU, Osaka University and Osaka Kyoiku University (with support from Waseda University), 151 student teams from 109 schools joined to present their research with roughly 2,400 people in attendance.

The students' unique research themes included making comparisons between the gender gaps in Japan and Finland, looking for ways to increase youth voter participation and proposing food labels to making nutritional information more visible. Teams reported on their research in English in Japanese in the presentation, poster display and debate categories.

After screenings by university faculty members, a Kobe University Second School team won the top prize in the Japanese division for their work on the effect of dictionary use on ESL learning, and the Fujimigaoka High School for Girls won the top prize in the English division for their research on food loss, entitled "Trashed Treasures."