KGU Formulates the "Kwansei Competencies"

Public Relations Office        April 12, 2019

The mission of Kwansei Gakuin is to cultivate World Citizens who embody the motto of Mastery for Service through holistic education, based on Christian principles. To fulfill that mission, Kwansei Gakuin has established “Kwansei Competencies,” which comprise the knowledge, skills and qualities that all students should acquire by the time of graduation, irrespective of their department. Kwansei Gakuin will position these Kwansei Competencies as the underlying bedrock of education at the university.



These Competencies will not only be cultivated through the regular curricula of each department and the university-wide courses which supplement those curricula. They will also be nurtured by a diverse university environment which includes factors such as club activities—in the various realms of athletics, culture and the arts—as well as volunteer work, dormitory life and other forms of extracurricular education, in addition to their relationships with friends, their interactions with faculty and staff members, and the abundant natural scenery on campus.

- A wide breadth of knowledge and a depth of expertise
- An understanding of diversity
- Logical thinking skills
- The ability to act independently
- The ability to pursue lifelong learning
- The ability to build rich human relationships
- The ability to reconcile conflicting values
- The tenacity to overcome hardships
- The enthusiasm to improve society
- Sincerity and dignity

At Kwansei Gakuin, we will aim to gradually imbue every student who learns at our institution with these Competencies—through education from kindergarten up to undergraduate and graduate-level university programs—and continue to build on them.