Message from the President Regarding the Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine

Due to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government, we have been confronted with a major new crisis. Before our very eyes, brutal battles waged by armed forces are taking the lives of innocent people. Furthermore, many people are unable to live their lives freely, and have been forced to take measures such as fleeing the country. We are deeply troubled that right now, these people are dealing with the anxiety and fear that their lives are at risk, as well as the sorrow of losing their loved ones.

At Kwansei Gakuin University, we aspire to train our members to be World Citizens who embody our motto of Mastery for Service, and as a Christian university, we have always hoped for people’s peace and happiness. Accordingly, we do not approve of the use of military force as a means to make a point. We strongly urge an immediate stop to this conflict, and a prompt and peaceful resolution through dialogue.

We would like to be people who pray for peace, not war, and make it a reality. It is our heartfelt wish that that the international community will unite to respond to this crisis, and that the world will return to  being a place where people's human rights and diversity are respected, and the existence and dignity of all are protected.

O​samu Murata
Kwansei Gakuin University

March 7, 2022