School of Economics

School of Economics        March 7, 2016

School of Economics

Fostering Ethical People with the Power to Decide and Take Action

Undergraduate School

With a staged curriculum that proceeds from an understanding of the state of the economy to the basics of economic theory, this school emphasizes the mastery of ethical, economic thinking that will be useful in the “real world”. For the past 40 years, the School’s teaching has been carried out in small groups, starting with required seminars from the first year, active and stimulating seminars remain a hallmark of our teaching activities throughout the courses. With debates and other inter-seminar competitions, as well as a wealth of exchanges with universities in Japan, the rest of Asia, Europe, and North America, the course produces graduates with keen perception and powerful analytical abilities, who understand economics from a global standpoint.

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Graduate School

Graduate School with a History and Tradition of Independent Research

This graduate school was inaugurated in 1956, the year that KGU established its Graduate School system. Since that time the school has prided itself on independent research, including academic conferences and the publication of the KGU Graduate School of Economics newsletter, the school’s own research journal published since 1968. The school has led students in studies across a range of fields, including economic theory, statistics and quantitative economics, the history of economics, economic history, economic policy, government fiscal policy, finance, international economy, social policy, and labor economics. In 1996, the Economist Course was set up, with classes held in both the daytime and evenings for mid-career professional. The course offers intellectual training for people aiming to become specialists in fields such as tax accounting, accounting, teaching, and the civil service, producing economists who can respond to the needs of today’s highly complex economy and society.


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School of Economics
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