TAKAHARA Motoaki (Associate Professor)

School of Sociology        April 16, 2013

Areas of Interest:

Nationalism, North-Eastern Asia, Youth Studies


  TAKAHARA Motoaki's research interests are focused on the conflicts that occur among
nationalisms in the North-Eastern Asia region. His research is particularly focused on Japan, South Korea, and Mainland China. He has attempted to analyze these conflicts in relation to the domestic political and social diversity found in each nation. His analysis contrasts the International Relations approach that tends to view each country as a homogeneous entity. Currently, his primary research is focused on issues that affect youth including high unemployment rates, spreading of the sense of anxiety and instability, and their distrust of the existing domestic political system. These social issues are shared among the youth in the three countries. These issues are closely connected to the rapid economic growth that has occurred in Korea and China led by strong neoliberal policies. Japan also turned toward neoliberalism in the 1990s and the region began to experience common social transformations under the ongoing globalization process. TAKAHARA's research questions the ways these global and local changes affect and transform the conflicts between nationalisms in this region.

Teaching courses:

Theory of Modern Society, Selected Topics in Sociology A

Publications :

Fuan Gata Nashonarizumu no Jidai (=Nationalism in Anxiety) , Yousensha, 2006
Gendai Nihon no Tenki (=Turning Point for Postwar Japan), NHK Publishing, 2009