2017-2018 Contemporary Japan Program (CJP) Application Website

Center for International Education and Cooperation        April 6, 2017

1. Eligibility

In order to attend Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) as an exchange student, you must be enrolled at one of KGU's partner universities. See page 38 of the 2017-2018 of the Contemporary Japan Program (CJP) Brochure (found below) for a list of partner universities and consortiums as of January 2017.
* In addition to the list in the brochure, Trinity University (U.S.A) and Universidad EAFIT (Colombia) are our new partner universities.

All required original application documents must be sent to KGU through your home university's international office.

*2017-2018現代日本プログラム(CJP)冊子38ページに記載されていませんが、 Trinity University (U.S.A) と Universidad EAFIT (Colombia) が新たに協定校として追加になりました。


Application Deadlines

The following deadlines apply to both full year and semester study abroad applications.
   Fall Semester 2017: April 15, 2017 
   Spring Semester 2018: November 15, 2017 
Note: Students applying for scholarships through KGU (including the JASSO Scholarship) must submit all application documents including the scholarship application documents by the deadline. 


Your official acceptance at KGU will be confirmed once you and your home university's international office receives your acceptance email. Emails will be sent out as follows.
For Fall applicants: around the end of March 
For Spring applicants: around the end of January


2017-2018 Contemporary Japan Program Brochure

Before beginning the application process, please ensure that both you and your coordinator thoroughly and carefully read the 2017-2018 CJP brochure. Important information regarding Japanese language requirements, program schedules, track selection, course outlines etc., is included in this brochure.


2. 2017-2018 Contemporary Japan Program Application Procedures

Step 1

To be Completed by the Student

1. Gather all of the necessary application forms.
2. Save a copy of all filled out documents to your hard drive.
3. Upload the required documents listed on the following link (Note: not all documents need to be uploaded digitally)
4. Print out a hard copy of all applicable documents on A4 paper and submit them to your exchange coordinator who will send them to KGU.

1. 必要書類を全て揃えてください。
2. 完成した書類を自分自身のパソコンなどに保存をしてください。
3. 下記のリンク先に、必要書類をアップロードしてください。(注意:全書類をアップロードする必要はありません)
4. 必要書類をA4用紙に印刷し、交換留学担当者へ提出してください。

Step 2

To be completed by the Exchange Coordinator/Advisor of the Applying Student's Home University

1. Nominate students using the KGU online exchange student nomination form (a new link will be sent to exchange partners every semester when applications open).
2. Gather all the application documents from the nominated students.
3. Look through all of the students documents. Check each document and see to it that they have turned in and properly completed all required documents according to the rules and specifications on this website.
4. Complete the Scholarship Application Form if you will be nominating your students for a scholarship through KGU and make sure the students have turned in the necessary documents.
5. Write a nomination letter for all the students (this can be in the form of a single cover letter). Feel free to use the sample letter below.
6. Send all required documents when they are complete and the nomination letter together to the Center for International Education and Cooperation at: 

If your student is having trouble gathering all the documents before the deadline, please contact the KGU Incoming Team (incoming@kwansei.ac.jp).

1. KGU online exchange student nomination formを使い、学生を推薦してください。(学期ごとに新しいリンクを協定校に送ります。)
2. 推薦する学生から、必要書類を集めてください。
3. 学生が提出した書類を全て確認してください。ウェブサイトに記載されている要件を満たし、必要書類に不備がないか確認してください。
4. 推薦する学生がKGUを通して奨学金に応募する場合、奨学金の応募に必要な書類を提出しているかを確認してください。
5. 推薦する学生全員の推薦書の用意してください(1枚の書面で結構です)
6. 全ての必要書類が揃い次第、推薦書と共に下記の住所まで送付してください。


Incoming Exchange Coordinator
Center for International Education and Cooperation
Kwansei Gakuin University
1-155 Uegahara Ichibancho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-8501, Japan
Tel: +81-798-51-0952

The Nomination Letter should include: 推薦書には以下の事項を記載してください。
(1) Student’s name 学生の氏名
(2) Student’s date of birth 学生の生年月日
(3) Period of stay at KGU (one or two semesters) 交換留学期間(1学期もしくは2学期)
(4) Starting semester / year at KGU (Fall or Spring / year) KGUでの交換留学開始時期(春・秋学期/1年)
(5) Level of study at the time the student starts studying at KGU. KGU交換留学開始時の学習レベル
(6) Expected graduation month and year. 卒業予定年月
   *Please use university letter head. ※各大学のレターヘッドを使うようにお願いいたします。

3. Required Contemporary Japan Program Documents

A complete application contains up to 15 documents. Please be sure that you take your time and read through all of the directions carefully.
Remember that all documents are to be printed on A4 sized paper.
NOTE: Hand written forms (except the Letter to Homestay, Dorm, or the CIEC office and the Health Certificate) are in principle NOT be accepted. Please download the fillable PDF forms online and type all necessary documents.
If you have trouble viewing or using the fillable PDF files please visit the Adobe website to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Please use the checklist below to monitor the current progress of your application and turn it in together to your coordinator to be sent to KGU.

注意:Letter to Homestay, Dorm, or the CIEC office , the Certificate of Healthは手書きで、それ以外の書類はPDFファイルをダウンロードして、必要箇所をパソコンでタイプしてください。
もしPDFファイルが開かないなど問題がある場合は、Adobeのホームページから最新版のAdobe Acrobat Readerをダウンロードしてください。

If you have trouble opening the Fillable Form, please use the Unfillable Form.
Fillable Formチェックリストが開かない場合、Unfillable Form を使ってください。

1. CJP Application Form

(1a) CJP Application Form
The document must be dated and signed. Don't forget to attach an ID Photograph to the printed form.

(1b) CJP Online Application
To be completed online

If you have trouble opening the Fillable Form, please use the Unfillable Form.
Fillable Formチェックリストが開かない場合、Unfillable Form を使ってください。

2. CJP Accommodation Application Form

To be completed online.

3. Letter to Host Family, Dorm, or the CIEC office

Please write the letter in Japanese or English by hand. 
Introduce yourself to your host. What kind of person are you? How would your best friend describe you? What do you look forward to? Send a special to your host to help them to get to know you.
All students must submit this document. If you are opting out of KGU-provided accommodation, please write a letter addressed to the CIEC office. 


4. Letter of Reason for Study

You should answer the following two questions in your letter:
- Why did you choose to apply for a study abroad program at KGU? (300 words)
- What do you plan on doing after your study abroad program and what kind of impact will your time at KGU have on this plan? (300 words)

- 志望理由(600字程度)
- 将来の目標(日本留学が将来の目標にどのような影響を与えるのか)(600字程度)

5. Student Assessment Report or Japanese Language Assessment Report

Please request that an instructor completes the necessary document and return it to you in a sealed envelope to be submitted with all other required documents. 

5a. Student Assessment Report
Submit this document if you choose the Modern Japan Track or if you choose the Japanese Language Track but have never studied Japanese before.
This document does NOT need to be completed by a Japanese instructor, but should be filled out be an instructor/advisor that knows the student well.

5b. Japanese Language Assessment Report
Submit this document if you choose the Japanese Language Track and have studied Japanese before.
Please provide the link below titled, "Japanese Language Assessment," to your Japanese instructor below. It must be filled out by a Japanese language instructor. If you do not have a Japanese instructor, but need a teacher to evaluate your Japanese level, please find a teacher from a legitimate institution and ask them to interview you to fill it out.
下記のリンク"5b.Japanese Language Assessment Report"の書類を日本語の担当教員に記入してもらってください。もし日本語担当の教員がいない場合、あなたの日本語学習レベルを評価できる教員を学校から探してもらい、記入してもらってください。

6. Certificate of Health

6a. Certificate of Health
Print out the "(6a) Certificate of Health" form and have it filled out by a doctor/physician within 3 months prior to the date of application.
Ensure that in addition to the medical data, the doctor also answers the final question, "In the view of this individual's history and the above findings, is it your observation that his or her health status is adequate for life in Japan". If they do not answer this question, we cannot accept your certificate.
"(6a) Certificate of Health"を印刷し、応募日時から3ヶ月以内に医療機関で記入してもらってください。
医療データのほかに、最後の質問「この方の既往歴、診療、検査の結果から判断して、現在の健康状況は充分に日本の滞在に耐えうるものと思われますか」 に必ず回答してもらってください。もしこの質問に回答していない場合は、学生を受け入れることができません。

6b. Declaration of Medical Condition/Disability that Requires Special Support
If you require special support due to a medical condition or disability, fill and turn in the “(6b) Declaration of Medical Condition/Disability that Requires Special Support". 
特別配慮が必要な学生は、"Declaration of Medical Condition/Disability that Requires Special Support"を提出してください。

Important 重要:
In the case that you will need to fill any medical prescriptions or receive medicine while in Japan, you will need to take a medical examination after arriving in the country.
If said prescription/medicine is for a pre-existing condition, please bring a letter of reference from your principal physician in your home country. 

7. Certificate of Eligibility Application

To be completed online.
Fill out the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) online application via the link below. If you need to make an edit or change after submission, please contact the KGU Incoming Team (incoming@kwansei.ac.jp).
Information you provide in this online form will be used to submit an application for your COE to the Japan Immigration Bureau. You will then receive the document to apply for a student visa. Please be as accurate as possible when filling out this form.

下記のリンクのCertificate of Eligibility (COE) online applicationをクリックし、必要事項を記入してください。提出後に変更や訂正がある場合は、KGU受入チーム(incoming@kwansei.ac.jp)まで連絡をしてください。

8. Official Grade Transcript from Home University

An official and original grade transcripts from your current home university. Photocopies will not be accepted. 
Must have been issued within 3 months prior to the date of application. 


9. Student Enrollment Letter

A Student Enrollment Letter proving that you are currently enrolled at your home university. 
Must have been issued within 3 months prior to the date of application.


10. Scanned Photocopy of Valid Passport

- Only the full ID pages of the passport are required. 
- The scan must not be blurry. 
- Any submissions turned in that are not scanned will be rejected.
- Scans must be fully captured. Cut off scans will be rejected. 
- Passports must be valid beyond the date of your return after the exchange program finishes.
If the passport is currently invalid, turn in a scan of the expired passport and apply for a new passport immediately.

- パスポートの写真ページのみ必要です。
- ぼやけないよう、鮮明にスキャンしてください。
- 鮮明ではないものは、受け付けられません。
- 必ずきれいに読み込みをしてください。端が切れているものなどは受け付けません。
- パスポートの有効期限は、交換留学が終了し、帰国するまで有効なものが必要です。

11. Statement of Finance

NOTE: All of these documents must be signed/stamped by the issuer. Please scan each document that applies to you before you submit the originals to your exchange coordinator (no photocopies allowed).
Please provide at least one of the following documents:
注意: 書類は必ず発行元の署名が必要です。交換留学担当者には正式な書類を提出してください。(コピーは受け付けません。)手元に必要書類コピーを保管しておいてください。

a. Self-supporting student 学生本人が経費を支弁する場合
Confirmation of Account Balance in the name of the applicant covering estimated expenses at KGU (equivalent of ¥1,000,000/year; ¥500,000/semester) issued by a bank officer within 3 months prior to the date of application. Please contact your bank to have this issued. Sample letter below.

b. Guarantor-funded student 保証人が経費を支弁する場合
Absolutely make sure to submit both documents 1 and 2 必ず1,2両方を提出してください。
  1. Confirmation of Account Balance in the name of the guarantor covering estimated expenses at KGU (equivalent of ¥1,000,000/year; ¥500,000/semester) issued by a bank officer within 3 months prior to the date of application. Please have your guarantor contact his/her bank to get this. Sample letter below
  2. Guarantor Support Letter signed by the guarantor(s) within 3 months prior to the date of application indicating definite intention to financially support the applicant. The person who signs the letter must be the same person as the bank statement provided. Sample letter below 

c. Scholarship or loan-funded student 奨学金で経費をする場合
Certificate of scholarship or stipend. A letter from the home university's Financial Aid Office indicating the amount of financial aid for the period of exchange would also be acceptable.

12. Four (4) ID Photographs (3cm x 4 cm)

ID photographs must adhere to the following specifications (refer to the example below):
- 3x4cm (1.18x1.57 inches)
- All 4 photographs must be identical
- Full-face photographs with a plain background
- Entire face and all of hair must be within the frame
- All of neck must be included in the picture
- Taken within 3 months prior to the date of application
- Taken at a pharmacy, or by a professional photographer
- Name must be written in English on the back of each photo

- 3 x 4cm
- 4枚同様の写真
- 背景が無地で顔全体が写っている
- 枠内に頭部全体が写っている
- 首から上が写っていること
- 3ヶ月以内に撮影したもの
- 写真館で撮影したもの
- 裏面に必ず自分の名前を英語で記入すること

Note: Photocopies and low quality prints taken with personal cameras are NOT ACCEPTABLE. If your photos do not follow the above specifications, your COE may be rejected by Japanese Immigration and your application will be delayed until you can provide us with better photos by mail. This can be quite expensive, so please be careful! 

Example ID photo

Example ID photo

13. Copy of JLPT Certificate (if applicable)

In order to take regular university courses, an extremely high level of Japanese ability is required. Students who can submit proof of having passed JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 before arriving in Japan, or who pass the Regular Course Aptitude Test (JLPT N1 equivalent level) at KGU after arriving in Japan, will be able to enroll in regular university courses held in Japanese.

一般授業を履修する場合、高度な日本語能力が必要になります。日本に来る前にN1レベルのJLPTを取得した学生は、証明書を提出してください。N1を取得している学生や、日本に到着後にKGUによりRegular Course Aptitude Testに合格した学生は、日本語で行われる一般授業を受講することができます。

14. Scholarship Application Form (if applicable)

Students should read the "Scholarship Application Guide" carefully before asking their exchange coordinator to fill this form. Details about eligibility and Scholarship GPA Formula are included in the guide. 
"Scholarship Application Guide"をしっかり読み、交換留学担当者に書類を記入してもらいましょう。詳細は冊子に記載されています。応募の詳細は冊子に全て記載されています。

(14a) Scholarship Application Form
This form must be filled by your exchange coordinator or authorized person at your university.

(14b) Scholarship Application Essay
This essay should be 1 A4 page typed and must be written by the student. It can be written in Japanese or in English. Explain the reasons for your study abroad and why you are applying for the scholarship.
This letter is different from "(4) Letter of Reason for Study" above and is only required from students applying for a scholarship.
日本に留学する理由と、奨学金に応募する理由を書いてください。この作文は"(4) Letter of Reason for Study"とは違うものです。奨学金に応募する学生のみ、用意してください。

NOTE: Students applying through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA), or Japan-Canada Academic Consortium (JACAC) are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.
注意:University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), the Association of Christian Universities、Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)、Japan-Canada Academic Consortium (JACAC)の学生は奨学金には応募できません。

If you have trouble opening the Fillable Form, please use the Unfillable Form.
Fillable Formチェックリストが開かない場合、Unfillable Form を使ってください。