Students' Voices

Public Relations Office        August 28, 2014

Interview videos of international students and teaching stuff at KG.They talk about their reserch and other activities as well as about the attractiveness of the university.Please Check the videos and feel the real "KGU Life".

Hur,Seungmi【KG World Citizens】

Country: Korea

Interview of ”KG World Citizens” Hur Seungmi

Worku Michael 【KG World Citizens】

Country: Norway

Interview of ”KG World Citizens”Worku Michael

Ian Glidden 【KG World Citizens】

Country: Australia

Interview of ”KG World Citizens”Ian Glidden

"KG World Citizens movie ~English&Chinese~"


Please look other "KG World Citizens~English&Chinese~" from the link below.There are many students and teching stuff who are form various countries such as America,Canada,Finland,China,and South Korea.