International Events

Center for International Education and Cooperation        April 2, 2013

(1) International Student Social Gathering

International students and faculty from each department will be invited to a gathering in April. This is a particularly good opportunity for new students to meet International Partners and other international students and to learn about university life.

(2) Field Trips

A trip is scheduled to watch a performance of the Takarazuka Revue Company in the fall. Information will be posted on the Kyogaku WEB.

(3) Coffee Hour


Professors, lecturers, researchers, alumni and students from abroad are invited to talk over tea. This event is held 3 times each in the spring and fall terms.

(4) Chapel Hour


This education program is unique to Kwansei Gakuin, which introduces education based on Christian principles. Chapel Hour services have been preserved as part of the tradition of Kwansei Gakuin for about 120 years since its foundation. Chapel Hour is held during the 30 minutes between the first and second periods on days when classes are conducted. It features guest speakers invited from both inside and outside our University who deliver discourses that are different from the usual lectures, based on their own experience. Chapel Hour programs also include music performances performed by music groups from both within and without KGU. In addition, Christmas Chapel and other various programs are offered in accordance with annual Christian events.

(5) International Student Alumni Party

The alumni association holds the program once a year, to provide international students oppotunity to have communication with KGU alumni and to know alumni activities.