Jean Monnet Activities

[ Editor:Institute for Industrial Research  27 January, 2022 ]

Jean Monnet Activities

The Institute for Industrial Research (IIR), Kwansei Gakuin University with Prof. Bungsche and Dr. Schrade in the lead, is happy to announce that they were granted both a Jean Monnet Chair (JMC) and a Jean Monnet Module (JMM) of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, enabling our institute to continue its efforts to increase the understanding of the EU in Japan.

     To know more about Erasmus+, please refer to the European Commission website: 
           Link to European Commission (Erasmus+) web siteExternal link  

     To know more about Jean Monnet Actions, please refer to the European Commission website: 
           Link to European Commission (Jean Monnet Actions) web siteExternal link

The JMC and JMM were granted for the duration of 3 years (09/2019-08/2022)* will focus on regional development in the EU and Japan in the widest sense.
*For the JMC, one-year extension of the program has been approved by EU due to the impact Covid-19. Revised
program duration is four years (10/09/2019-09/09/2023).

The following introduction poses an outline of the JMC and JMM projects, hoping to stir interest in the subject among students, policy-makers, think tanks and the general public.
If you have any questions regarding the topics, or if you want express interest in collaborating with the IIR on these issues, please feel free to contact us via email.

Jean Monnet Chair 

Jean Monnet Chair (Agreement No. 2018・3245 / 004 – 001)

Academic Contact:
Holger Bungsche
Professor, School of International Studies, KGU

Jean Monnet Module 

Jean Monnet Module (Agreement No. 2018・3245 / 010 – 001)

Academic Contact:
Annna Schrade
Associate Professor, Institute for Industrial Research, KGU

Past Activities

■ Jean Monnet Module (September 2016 – August 2019)

Jean Monnet Module (Agreement No. 2015・3375/041 -001)

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