DELIVERABLES  Jean Monnet Chair  (Agreement No. 2018・3245 / 004 – 001)

Based on our research project, various lectures, workshops and conferences a serious of discussion papers will be published regularly online. As a result of these activities, at least one book will be published that combines all the research results of the research project. In addition the Jean Monnet Chair holder will compile a textbook on the automobile industry in Europe that provides the basis for further undergraduate and graduate courses.

[ Editor: Institute for Industrial Research  29th July, 2020 ]

Discussion Papers

■Discussion Paper 2
"Brain drain, population decline and ageing in Eastern Europe: making sense of the latest data"
Anna Schrade, Associate Professor of Institute for Industrial Research, KGU

■Discussion Paper 1
“Renewable Energies - A Chance for New Regional Industry Development? The Case of the 'Living Lab Energy Avant-Garde Anhalt'”
Holger Bungsche, Professor of School of International Studies, KGU

Discussion Paper 1

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