[ Editor: Institute for Industrial Research  22nd December, 2022 ]

18th December 2022 Project Workshop “Regional Industries and Economic Development in the EU and Japan" 

Date: 18th December 2022 
Venue: Online
Number of participants: 7

On 18th December 2022, A project workshop on "Regional Industries and Economic Development in the EU and Japan", a joint research project of the Institute for Industrial Research, led by Prof. Holger Bungsche was held online.

Seven research members participating in the research project attended the workshop and reported on the progress of their research.

The research project will be concluded at the end of March 2023, and the results will be published as IIR Research Studies (Sanken Sosho) No 47.

Prof. Holger Bungsche, School of International Studies (Project leader, Coordinator)
Prof. Naoki Fujiwara, Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Otemon Gakuin University
Dr. Takehiko Okamoto, Faculty of Business Administration, Takamatsu University 
Dr. Francis Rawlinson, Fellow, KGU
Prof. Takeshi Fujisawa, School of Business Administration, KGU
Prof. Motoko Yoshida, School of Law and Politics, KGU
Dr. Anna Schrade, Associate Professor, IIR, KGU