[ Editor: Institute for Industrial Research  18th July, 2023 ]

12th June 2023   Student Visit to Nara Product Development Center, DMG Mori Seiki Co.

Date:12 June (Mon), 2023
Visiting place:Nara Product Development Center, DMG Mori Seiki Co.
Coordinator:Prof. Holger Bungsche
Number of participants:11

Our company visit 2023 was to DMG Mori Seiki, a global leader in the machine tool industry specializing in Numerical Control (NC) lathes, Machining Centers (MC), 5-axis machines, and composite processing machines. This was made possible through the cooperation of Ms. Mikiko Kigawa, the Director of the Nara Trade Information Center of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and an alumnus of our university.  We are very grateful for her support.

Founded in 1948 as Mori Seiki Co., Ltd., DMG Mori Seiki established a capital and business partnership with DMG (Deckel, MAHO, Gildemeister), a German company headquartered in Bielefeld, in 2009. They later merged in 2016 to form DMG Mori Seiki. Currently, the company has become a large corporation employing approximately 13,000 people worldwide and maintaining sales and service bases in 157 locations across 42 countries.

During this visit, students received lectures from respective department representatives on the following topics: 1) Environmental initiatives, 2) Research and Development, 3) International logistics, 4) Human resources management; and 5) Commitment to sustainability. They were able to deepen their understanding of continuous innovation and progress in machine tool technology; challenges faced in global trade operations and international markets; labor force allocation; diversity; and company policies and initiatives to improve workplace environment. They were particularly interested in the cooperation between the German and Japanese business divisions, and the automation of the machine tool industry which involves high technology.

Inside the Development Center, they were given the opportunity to observe machines  that were totally new to them.  It was impressive to see them silently gazed at the machines with their eyes shining.

 Their comments after the visit include: “it was a great opportunity to learn about trade and international logistics”, “I learned that for social contribution, it is important not only to invent but also how to make use of it. I want to enhance my problem-finding skill”, and “I felt that I need to have a broader perspective on any societal events, instead of focusing only on what perspective I should take during my job hunting” .