DELIVERABLES Jean Monnet Module (Agreement No. 2018・3245 / 010 – 001) 

During the 3-year period we intend to publish a journal edition, a book, and several articles and memos on the topic. To attract the attention of the many government and non-government bodies working on regional economics, we also publish bi-monthly newsletters with the latest research results, case studies, best practice examples and students’ fieldwork, among others.

[ Editor: Institute for Industrial Research  16 June 2022]


Journals & Research Papers

The Review of Economics and Business Management (Sanken Ronshu) No. 49, pp.1-63, March 2022
SCHRADE Anna, Editor-in-chief
"Coping with demographic change. New attempts in the EU and/or Japan to stem the demographic challenges."

WATANABE Hiroaki Richard, "Coping with low fertility rates in OECD countries: the case of Japan"

RIMINUCCI Michela, "Japan and Diversity as a Strategy to Successfully Manage Demographic Change"

SCHRADE Anna, "Revitalising and rejuvenating the countryside through foreign workers: a case study of the Technical Intern Trainees working in oyster farming in Hinase (Okayama Prefecture)" 

JACKSON Keith Geoffrey, "Memory, influence and rural re-vitalization in Hyogo Prefecture: preparing to evaluate visitor memories of the Osaka World Expo 2025"

RAWLINSON Francis, "A new regional development policy in the UK: the ‘levelling up’ agenda"

The Review of Economics and Business Management (Sanken Ronshu) No. 49Kwansei Gakuin University Repository



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