EVENTS Jean Monnet Module (Agreement No. 2018・3245 / 010 – 001) 

We will organise at least three tours to the Delegation of the European Union to Japan in Tokyo as well as three study camps on current EU issues or issues related to the project for our students.
In addition a series of workshops, lectures and conference will be conducted aiming not only at an academic audience, but in particular at regional and local policy makers, civil society as well as the general public with the intention in mind to establish a dialog between academia, practitioners and regional stakeholders for fostering a common understanding with respect to regional development in the EU as well as Japan.

Academic Year 2019

■ 25th January 2020    Special Lecture High School Workshop - Immigration to Japan its benefits and challenges in terms of the economy, business, culture and society -

25th January 2020    Special Lecture and High School Workshop