About Kwansei Gakuin

  • Our Mission at Kwansei Gakuin

    Kwansei Gakuin has served as an integrated institution for over 125 years, offering comprehensive education from the kindergarten to the graduate school level.

  • University Facts and Figures

    Get an overview of Kwansei Gakuin University through various facts and figures, and download promotional materials produced by the university.

  • History and Educational Philosophy

    Kwansei Gakuin was founded in 1889 in Kobe by the American missionary Reverend Walter Russell Lambuth, with the aim of training missionaries and educating young people based on Christian principles.

  • Greetings from the President

    The president of Kwansei Gakuin University, the chair of the Board of Trustees, and the chancellor would like to convey these messages to the students, teachers and staff.

  • Accreditation Information

    This page lists information for university assessment and accreditation purposes.

  • Access, Inquiries and Alumni Info

    For specific inquiries, please contact the offices listed here using the information provided.