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January 22, 2021

  This website is the official website of the Kwansei Gakuin Educational Foundation (hereafter, this Website). It is managed and operated by the Public Relations Office.

■Scope of Application
  This Cookie Policy applies only to this Website. For information on the handling of cookies on websites other than this Website, please contact the respective website. 
If you continue to browse and use this Website, you agree that Kwansei Gakuin may acquire and use your cookie information in accordance with this policy. If you do not consent to this Cookie Policy, please disable cookies, or refrain from using this site. 
■What Cookies Are
  This is a system that allows the site administrator to temporarily write and store data on the user's computer through the browser. It is possible to record information about the user, the date and time of the last visit to the site, and the number of times the user has used the site. The computer used by the user can be identified by the use of cookies, but it does not contain any information that identifies the individual user, and the user is not identified. 
■Purpose of Use 
  This Website uses cookies in part to improve the convenience of its services. By using cookies, the information you enter is temporarily stored on the computer from which you viewed the site, saving you the trouble of re-entering the information on other pages or the next time you access this Website. 
  We also use cookies to record access logs as statistical data that cannot be used to identify individuals, using statistical analysis tools. The access log is used to analyze the usage of this Website for the purpose of improving the convenience of this Website, and it will not be used for any other purpose. 
  In addition, Kwansei Gakuin uses the following tools to measure and analyze the use of this Website.

・Google Analytics 
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