Law School

Professional Graduate School

Fostering Specialists in Law with a Focusion Corporations, Public Service, Human Rights and Globalization

Kwansei Gakuin Law School aims to contribute to the community in terms of providing legal professionals who are good at corporate law, public service and international law in a way to respect human rights. The offered seminars and classes are designed to prepare students to meet today's complex and diverse legal needs by fusing both theory and practice. The majority of the Law School faculty is constituted of legal practitioners such as attorneys, ex-judges and patent agents who work closely with academic faculty so as to give students the best possible guidance. By means of furnishing small group instructions, the law students can enjoy hands-on legal training. The Law School has developed amicable links with US law schools, so that our best students can spend a year at a partner law school.


The Kwansei Gakuin University Law School was established as an independent, professional graduate school, accepting its first students in April, 2004. The Law School has two types of students: those taking a two-year course at Kwansei Gakuin University Law School, most of whom hold an undergraduate degree in jurisprudence; and students taking a three-year course at Kwansei Gakuin University Law School, most of whom hold undergraduate degrees in subjects other than jurisprudence.