International Student Admission

Admission Types for International Students:

Nyugaku Shiken
Number of
First Examination Second Examination Examination I Examination II
Applicants in Japan Overseas Applicants Applicants in Japan Overseas Applicants
Total 15 Total 15
Types of
Students whose first language is English or who are competent in English Students who are proficient in Japanese
Document Screening 1. Document Screening
2. Oral examination(Japanese)
Aug. 24 to
Sep. 2,
Oct. 24 to
Nov. 7,
Aug. 24 to
Sep. 2,
Nov. 14 to
Nov. 24,
Document Screening Only Oct. 15, 2022 Jan. 21, 2023
Oct. 3, 2022 Dec. 9, 2022 Nov. 11, 2022 Jan.27, 2023
Note Minimum English proficiency is required. Screening will be conducted based on EJU scores.

Admission Information

1. International Admission: English-based Degree Program

Applicants who are admitted through International Admission  will be enrolled in English-based Degree Program as English-based International Students (EbIS). Those students’ first language is English, or second language but shows a demonstrable high level of English proficiency.  EbIS can graduate from this program by only taking courses lectured in English; however, Japanese language course lectured in Japanese is mandatory.

Compare to courses lectured in Japanese, courses taught in English tend to have fewer students. So, not only students can get closer to classmates, but also to instructors. Especially the seminar type class will deepen students’ specialty.

There is no restriction to take courses taught in Japanese. When students get enough confident to take those courses, they can do so. You may be able to make more friends!

Please contact the SIS office if you have any inquiries concerning the admission process (kgusis[@]

- Document Screening 
- Two Application Periods are in a year; September and December
(*Applicants who applied for the First Examination can also apply for the Second Examination. )
- Applicants Both Residing in and Outside Japan can apply


International Admission 2023 Application Handbook and Manuals for Using the Online Application System (TAO) 

International Admission 2023 Application Handbook 【Revised on July 15, 2022】[PDF 568KB]

TAO Applicant’s Manual [PDF 389KB]

TAO Recommender’s Manual [PDF 443KB]

≪Application Procedures≫
  1.Check the "Application Handbook".
  2.Create an applicant's account on TAO following the instructions in the "TAO Applicant's Manual".
  3.Submit your application documents through TAO when the application period opens.
    The online application forms can be viewed and filled in only during the application period.
    "TAO Recommender's Manual" is needed when you request your recommender to submit a letter of recommendation.

*The results of the Second Examination of the 2023 International Admission will be announced on TAO, so please log in to TAO after 9:00 a.m. on December 9, 2022 to check the results.

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2. Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken: Japanese-based Degree Program

Click here for more information.

Results of the 2022 Entrance Examinations

Admission Type Applicants Vacancy Applied Accepted Enrolled
Students whose first language is English or
who are competent in English
15 78 21 13
Ryugakusei Nyugaku Shiken
Students who are proficient
in Japanese
15 140 22 14

Tuition and Other Fees

Following are the tuition and other expenses for the 2022 enrollee (unit: Japanese Yen). Tuition and other expenses for the 2023 enrollee have not been finalized.
4 years of tuition and other expenses fot the 2021 enrollee (Unit: Japanese Yen)
2022 2023 2024 2025
Admission Fee 200,000 - - -
Tuition (Annual) 983,000 1,143,000 1,143,000 1,143,000
Enhancement Fee 235,000 275,000 275,000 275,000
Total 1,418,000 1,418,000 1,418,000 1,418,000

Note: The total fee listed above does not include miscellaneous fees (Membership fee of Parental Association, Student Co-op fee and others - total 25,500 yen in 2022) as these fees are subject to change.