School of Business Administration

Graduate School

Research Course for the PhD and Specialized Academic Course for Training Key Personnel for Business

What sets this graduate school apart is its wide-ranging research and curriculum in the six areas of management, accounting, marketing, finance, business information, and international business. The Research Course is a five-year integrated course for turning out researchers with deep insight and powerful analytical skills. It provides a range of support for students who want to obtain their PhD as soon as possible. The Specialized Academic Course is a two-year course at the Masters level for people who wish to be active in the business field. Besides offering specialized knowledge and skills grounded in theory, the school offers internships and industry-sponsored courses taught by instructors currently playing active roles in the business world. Students acquire expertise in a wide range of fields so that they can have the intellectual and analytical skills and the breadth of vision that they will need when they take their place as key players in the world of business.

Undergraduate School

Specialized Education Tied to the Real World Turns Out Businesspersons with Truly Creative Powers

From our conviction that the corporation is the core unit of our economic system, we focus on helping students discover the principles and strategy of corporate behavior, in the process molding businesspersons with truly creative powers. The curriculum has everything needed to give students both the minimum basic knowledge of an economic generalist and the advanced and specialized knowledge required of a professional in a specific field. The school's education and research activities are closely linked to what is happening in the business world: the close links with the corporate world include the Advisory Panel system, in which KGU graduates and others working in business offer advice on the School's current activities and future plans.

Business Information
International Business


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