School of Education

Graduate School

Addressing problems surrounding children

This program aims to solve, through instruction and research, the issues that arise in the formation of a person's character throughout the course of his/her life by exploring the fundamental nature of education, humanity, and co-existence as they relate to an understanding of child psychology. Our exploration of pedagogy is comprised of Research on Infant and Early Childhood Education and Research in Inclusive and Collaborative Education.
The first semester of each field consists of the Course in Research Training, which aims to bolster students' research skills, and the Course in Advanced Education, which aims to cultivate the practical skills required of educators and other professionals. The second semester consists of guidance and support for the completion of the doctoral dissertation and the mastery of the skills required to lead a career as a prominent academic.

Undergraduate School

Preparing high-quality educators who have the three strengths of "Ability to put into practice", "Learning and teaching capability" and "Resourcefulness", while understanding children

In recent years, the environment surrounding education has been in chaos and there are a host of problems involving children such as bullying, class disruption, children who refuse to go to school and declining academic standards. Meanwhile, demands from society toward education have been increasing, causing problems that cannot be handled only by teachers working in the field. The learning and teaching capability of society as a whole has to be regenerated, while taking all the educational activities of society, including those conducted by schools, households and local communities, into consideration. Kwansei Gakuin set up the School of Education in April 2009, aiming at preparing trusted and high-quality educators (teachers of elementary schools and kindergartens) and childminders, as well as supporters of various educational activities.