School of Humanities

Graduate School

Twelve Areas of Specialization, Allowing a Wide Range of In-Depth Research

The Graduate School of Humanities covers twelve areas of specialization, of which eleven offer both MA and PhD courses and one an MA course. The former includes Philosophy and Ethics, Aesthetics and Art Studies, Geography and Area Studies, Japanese History, Asian History, European and American History, Psychological Sciences, Japanese, English, French and German Literature and Linguistics. The latter is the School Education course. The MA courses prepare students to carry out original research as well as to contribute to society with knowledge and creative ideas acquired in their respective fields, and the PhD courses aim to further the development of researchers in their chosen specialities. Equipped with a wealth of resources(including historical documents)and practical facilities, the School provides an excellent environment for both theoretical and experimental research, as well as opportunities for fieldwork.

Undergraduate School

Nurturing Discerning and Receptive Minds and Advanced Knowledge in the Humanities

With the goal of pursuing a comprehensive and rigorous study of the humanities, the School of Humanities has three Departments comprising 11 majors. The six majors in the Department of Culture and History examine the essence of human experience from a historical and cultural perspective; the Department of Integrated Psychological Sciences, analyzes the lifestyles and problems of humans in modern society, while the four majors in the Department of Literature and Linguistics seek to understand human behavior from a literary and linguistic viewpoint. Starting by understanding the basics of the wide-ranging discipline referred to as the humanities, students proceed to more specialized study in small classes, where instructors can work closely with each and every student. This fosters the student’s ability to take an open-minded approach to identifying and solving problems.

Department of Culture and History
Philosophy and Ethics
Aesthetics and Art Studies
Geography and Area Studies
Japanese History
Asian History
European and American History

Department of Integrated Psychological Sciences
Psychological Sciences

Department of Literature and Linguistics
Japanese Literature and Linguistics
English Literature and Linguistics
French Literature and Linguistics
German Literature and Linguistics


Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus