School of Law and Politics

Graduate School

Needs-Centered Research Helps Train AdvancedResearchers and Business People

This graduate school is special in that it not only trains researchers but also human resources capable of responding meticulously to society’s needs. At the Masters level, within the single Department of Law and Politics, there are two courses: the academic course for training researchers; and the expert course for turning out skilled professionals in law and politics. In the expert course, there are five programs—practical law, business law, public policy, international relations, and independent research—that offer meticulous guidance. The Doctoral level program consists of three Departments: Politics, Fundamental Jurisprudence, and Civil and Criminal Law. Students conduct research into law and politics through insight into the realities of the world and through advanced methods stressing objectivity and moderation.

Undergraduate School

An Innovative Education System – Varied and Deep Insights into Society through the Study of Law and Politics

Our educational creed of “Social Approach” means that legal education should focus on the ability to use law as ways to gain insights into social phenomena from a broad social point of view. The School comprises two Departments: the Department of Law, which aims to turn out people who contribute to society by cultivating their legal expertise and decision-making abilities, and the Department of Political Science, which trains people to exercise leadership in any situation based on analyses of both domestic and international political issues. In recent years, the School of Law and Politics has been working hard to prepare for a new century of academic excellence. Our undergraduate program now has six courses that provide the student with the necessary knowledge for pursuing a career of his or her interest. All courses adopt a “stairway” system that lets the student progress naturally from an introduction to basic legal and political theory to more practical and specialized areas of law and politics. A particularly notable section of our new curriculum is a wide variety of seminars that range from basic study skills for first-year students to more specialized and practical subjects for upper-class students.

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