School of Policy Studies

Graduate School

The Graduate School of Policy Studies aims to foster experts for policy analysis and policymaking.

In the Graduate School of Policy Studies, students conduct research through an interdisciplinary approach, using human ecology as the foundation and integrating traditional fields such as political science, law, management, social science, physiology and engineering. Taking effect in 2011, the revised curriculum of the master's program reflects the development and expansion of the field of policy studies. The revised curriculum contains six specialized areas: "Public Policy Studies", "Environmental Policy Studies ", "Language and Culture Policy Studies ", "Urban Studies", "International Policy Studies" and "Applied Informatics". In each area, real-world-based classes are conducted with an eye to policy analysis and policymaking, extending from problem finding to problem solving. Additionally, "International Studies & Development" offers an Englishmedium option, for which English is the medium for all courses, research supervision, and the master's thesis.

Undergraduate School

Fostering the Power to Take Action in Solving the World’s Problems

The School of Policy Studies is comprised of 4 Departments: Policy Studies, which fosters the ability to make concrete policy proposals in response to world problems, such as environmental issues, public affairs, and language and culture issues; Applied Informatics, which helps students explore information systems that will contribute to a fair society that benefits everyone; Urban Studies, which fosters the capability to create safe and comfortable urban areas; and International Policy Studies, which pursues peace building, international development and protection of human rights; Here, students strive to come up with appropriate policies for the problems and challenges that face the world, based on a philosophy of “Coexistence between people and nature, coexistence among people.” The school turns out people with superior English communication and ICT skills who can use their specialized knowledge in an international setting and in the ever-advancing information age. The aim of the school is to produce people who “think globally and act locally;” people who have the imagination and the power to identify problems and then come up with policies to solve them.

Policy Studies
Applied Informatics
Urban Studies
International Policy Studies



The School of Policy Studies is dedicated to developing both a student’s general perspective of the world as well as the specialized skills needed to conquer the various problems the world faces, and to develop our life-long relationship with nature and with other peoples of the world in a harmonic way.
The school consists of four closely-connected departments, each focusing on various areas of policy studies. Each department approaches the problems of its area in a unique way as part of its specialized research program. The school is known for developing concrete strategies that span national borders.