Schools of Science and Technology

The School of Science and Technology is no longer admitting new students due to the Kobe-Sanda Campus reorganization in 2021.

Undergraduate School

Advanced, Hands-on Education Produces Internationally-minded Scientists and Technical Experts

The School of Science and Technology's basic creed is "Conduct education and research into the basic principles and applications of natural science in order to contribute to human progress." The goal is to develop internationally-minded scientists and technical experts with the initiative and creativity to pioneer in undiscovered, cutting-edge frontier fields in an age when human progress and changes are occurring at a lightning pace. The School continues to teach in the small classes that have been the norm ever since its establishment. By emphasizing hands-on lessons that encompass experiments, practical exercises, and graduate research, the school trains students to find and solve problems for themselves. As well, it offers a wealth of English-language and other education necessary to produce graduates capable of getting the job done in an international setting. With government research funding among the highest in Japan, the school offers an ideal environment for researchers.

Mathematical Sciences
Human System Interaction

Graduate School

Award-Winning, Highly Rated, Vibrant Research

Since its establishment as the Graduate School of Science in 1965, this school has produced scholars who have gone on to win numerous awards, including the Order of Cultural Merit, the Saruhashi Prize, the Tomas Hirschfeld Prize, and Commendation from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It has also been for years considered one of Japan's top scientific research centers, selected for projects like the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's High-Tech Research Center project, the Open Research Center project, and the Industry-Academia Joint Research project. In addition to the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, majors that were established at the time of the Graduate School's foundation, a Department of Biosciences was added in 2004 and the name of the School changed to the Graduate School of Science and Technology. In 2006, the Department of Informatics and in 2009 the Department of Mathematical Sciences were established and set up in the well-equipped, pleasant surroundings of the Kobe Sanda campus, making for an environment that encourages lively education and research.


The School of Science, originally started with the Departments of Physics and Chemistry in 1961, took a big step forward in April 2002 by adding two new departments, the Department of Informatics and the Department of Bioscience and by renaming itself the School of Science and Technology.