SIS Curriculum

Curriculum Features

Courses Taught in English and Small Group Seminars
The classes and seminars are held in Japanese or English. Reasonable proficiency in either Japanese or English is required for international students to take courses and seminars toward graduation. To provide careful and thorough instruction, our Japanese Language Program and various seminars are conducted in small groups.

Three Study Fields and Two Courses
Depending on their areas of interest, students enter either the North American Studies Course or the Asian Studies Course. Each of these courses is comprised of three different study fields: Culture and Language, Society and Governance, and Economics and Management.

Building Japanese Language Proficiency
Japanese is offered as a mandatory subject for international students. International students take Japanese classes from their first year through their third. This program is provided so that international students can find employment and be successful in Japan following graduation.
The program is comprised of Japanese I through VIII, eight courses in which students develop their Japanese language proficiency in increments. In these classes, students learn an optimum balance of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Advisory Program
The SIS provides an advisory program in which a faculty member is assigned to each student as an advisor. In the first year of study, the faculty member in charge of one of the basic seminars that the student is taking will be available for consultation and advice regarding student life and academic concerns.