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Voice of Graduates (class of 2014)
Bruce Au

Voice of Graduates (class of 2015)
Michael Walker

Grace, Wenhsin TSAI

Graduate of the School of International Studies
from Saint Paul Lutheran High School, the United States

I choose to study in Kwansei Gakuin University, not only because KGU offers various great programs, but also it fits my career goals. School of International Studies (SIS) has courses with different areas or fields of studies, such as Linguistic, Economics, and Politics. Students can choose and modify their courses based on their own interests. I am really interested about Economics and Business, however, at the same time, I can also study about other subjects, such as International Relations, in SIS. It was also great to study in this diverse environment with beautiful campus. KGU has many events for students to interact with each other, such as coffee hour or social gathering. In this diverse environment, I learned not only the school subjects, but also other student's cultures and experiences. Moreover, School of International Studies offers classes in English, however, it also requires students to take Japanese language classes. Under this system, I can study to improve both my English and Japanese proficiency. School of International Studies be established for a long time, however, it has many good facilities, various courses, excellent professors. The professors are always available for students. On the other side, KGU provides many great programs, such as exchange program or UN volunteer program, in order to help students become World Citizens.

My life at KGU is great. Even though most of the courses I took were taught in English, I still have many chances to meet Japanese students and work with them. Students are very positive and eager to learn in the class. Many good facilities are easy to use, such as lounge. Students can gather in the lounge for study, relaxing, and playing. Moreover, there are plenty choices of club activity, which students can feel free to join. Libraries are also one of the places I loved in KGU. It is beautiful with plenty resources for students to use for either class materials or own study. The online databases for researches are also enough for students to use. Classes conducted in small size let me be able to have more interactions with other classmates and professors. Honestly, many of my friends feel wonderful to study at KGU as well. We all have a good time in the study environment KGU provides us.

I planned to work in an International company or corporation in Japan after graduated from KGU. The diverse environment in KGU will help me better understand one's culture in my chosen workplace. Moreover, the programs I wish to join in KGU can greatly help me to obtain the skills for my future career. University is the last step to prepare for future career. I appreciate the chances and opportunities that KGU provides me for me to prepare and plan my future.


Graduate of the School of International Studies from Ambition Academy, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Studying in Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) has made me more enthusiastic about my studies. I feel wonderful and honoured at the same time as getting a chance to be indulged in a multicultural International environment where I found myself exploring and propelling forward towards my goals. The university, with the perfect location near the biggest city: Osaka, not only has a sound educational environment but also there are large selections of studies, good lectures, an excellent social life and luxurious facilities.

I am enjoying my life at KGU. We have variety of interesting subjects, teachers are good and helpful, students from different nations having fun together, different events, cross cultural programs and so on. As I am interested in Asian economics and studies,
I would like to learn more about International relations. In the future I would like to work and live in Japan where I can use my skills and experiences that I learn from KGU.

I would not have received such an opportunity if I were in Nepal. I am honoured to have a chance to be a potential representative of my country. I am looking forward to enjoying my studies at KGU in the future. If you are planning for studying abroad and living in different culture, then your search is over. There is no doubt that KGU will be your best option.

Lang Huai KIM

Graduate of the School of International Studies,
From Practicing School Yangon Institute of Education (TTC),
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

My interest is to address and work for solutions to problems facing around the world, such as economic, politic, human rights situations and environmental hazard. In order to pursue my interest into a future career, I want to gain more understanding in world politics, foreign affairs, and international security. Under the School of International Studies (SIS) of KGU, I have an opportunity to demonstrate my curiosity about global affairs starting from a country to the international organizations. It is always the right decision to belong to KGU in achieving ability and skills day by days.

"Growing is blessing and happiness" since I am in the process of growing, there is no doubt about the happiness I have right now in my campus life. Not only the courses I am taking in SIS supports my interest, but also from the instructors, friends from all over the world, and people from KGU, I learn a lot of things that I will cherish for the rest of my life. KGU is putting a lot of efforts in encouraging students to become a "Global Citizen". Under SIS, I see myself becoming one by understanding peace and war, causes and solutions, history, languages, cultures, and different values and dignity that people have in their life. By connecting, interacting, and building a strong relationship (with mutual respect and understanding) with leaders and innovators of the future history from different parts of the world, I believe I am fulfilling KGU's hope of seeing me as a global citizen.

"How do you see yourself in the future?" Although I do not have the exact answer of what, who and where I am going to be in my future, one thing I am sure is I will keep growing the KGU's spirit of "Mastery for Service" inside me. I am seeing myself, using all of the skills and ability I gain from SIS, KGU in serving the best for people, peace for the world, and glory of Almighty God.


Graduate of the School of International Studies,
From St.Augustine's College Wakiso, Republic of Uganda

I chose Kwansei Gakuin because it was one of the few universities in Japan with a new department of international studies(SIS) that had English courses in line with my field of interest, from which I had hoped to utilise all the hidden opportunities in me and also study the diversified environment, to become a global citizen. The fact that I had some Ugandan seniors already at this department whose stay at the university had greatly changed them into strong, admirable world leaders. I always felt so proud of what kind of people they had become after joining K G U, therefore joining this school was a dream come true.

Since I joined KGU, I have had an amazing experience. I have been impressed with how students learn from the caring professors who give opportunity to every student at anytime in such a beautiful natural environment. I am now enrolled in two multicultural clubs from which I am able to improve my Japanese Language through talking to Japanese friends, and also deepen my knowledge about the world. I have been inspired by the community at this school which is always eager to learn from my culture. This makes me happy because I also get to learn from them. More to that, there has been an open opportunity for me to challenge new things in my life which I am so happy about.

From the education I attain at Kwansei Gakuin university, I have come to appreciate many cultures, most especially the Japanese culture, through the language and art. I therefore would like to use this experience to make a big difference to my country as I work with cultural developmental projects with the connections I have got while at KGU.

Bernadette LOW

Graduate of the School of International Studies,
From Victoria Junior College, Republic of Singapore

I wanted to study overseas in Japan because of my interest in Japanese culture, and because of Japan's importance and standing globally. I felt that learning in another country would also challenge myself and I could learn more than if I stayed in Singapore. KGU's ideals of working toward being a global citizen fit the objectives I wanted, and when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go for it and enter KGU.

Campus life in KGU has been nothing but enriching. The Campus itself is beautiful and many a day has been spent enjoying nature in the peaceful greenery. I've also been able to meet wonderful people from all over the world and had some great experiences that were both fun beyond imagining but also educating. Thanks to the variety of people in classes, and professors with diverse educational backgrounds I've grown to have a more global perspective on issues and expanded knowledge.

In future, I definitely want to put all that I've learnt to good use, and create a stronger link between my country, Singapore, and Japan, the country in which I've made for myself a second home. I believe that as technological advances continue to bring countries closer and more interconnected, there will be an increased need to foster stronger culturalties as the influence of soft power grows. I hope to be involved in a field where I work towards building or strengthening the bridge between Japan, Singapore and the region, and contribute globally to the best of my ability.

Florence NANNOZI

Graduate of the School of International Studies,
From Victoria High School-Kampala(Nansana), Republic of Uganda

Josiah TRIM

Graduate of the School of International Studies,
From University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Learning, USA