International Residence II



■ Exclusively for international students
■ All residents have individual rooms (with bath and toilet), and there are shared spaces
■ About ten minutes on foot from JR and Hankyu Takarazuka Station
■ Located in Takarazuka, Hyogo, which has an appealingly relaxed living environment, with plenty of culture and natural surroundings
■ About 30 minutes from Kobe and Osaka by train

■ Also has good access to the Kobe-Sanda Campus (KSC)

Eligible students

■ International students in undergraduate and graduate schools
■ Exchange students

Recommended for

  • ■ Those who want to enjoy community life, while also having a guarantee of private time



5-22-17 Kawamo, Takarazuka, Hyogo

Required time to reach campus

About 40 minutes to the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus via train and on foot
About 50 minutes to the Kobe-Sanda Campus via train, bus and on foot


■Total number of rooms:  33
■Individual rooms (with bath and toilet)
■Desk, chair, refrigerator, bed (single), air conditioner, closet, internet (Wi-Fi), blinds, room light

Shared spaces

■ Kitchen, dining room, laundry machine (no dryer)
■ Microwave, rice cooker, table, chairs, cookware
■ Smoking is strictly prohibited outside of the designated outdoor area

International Residence II rules and regulations



Target Expenses Amount Payment date Payment method
All residents Dormitory move-in fee *1 20,000 yen On the 27th of the month after moving in Bank transfer *2
All residents Dormitory fees 42,000 yen a month 27th of the previous month
All residents Miscellaneous expenses 4,100 yen a month 27th of the previous month
All residents Utilities Actual amount 27th of the following month
Non-exchange student residents Disaster insurance 5,000 yen a year Pay before the due date listed on the transfer slip Convenience stores and other insurance methods designated by the insurance society
Interested residents Futon rental *3 On the 27th of the month after moving in Bank transfer

*1 You only have to pay this once, when moving in.
*2 Pay at a convenience store until account registration is completed.
*3 Refer to the chart below for futon rental prices.
*      Expenses for the month of moving in will be billed the following month in a lump sum

Futon rental

Duration Cost (excluding tax) Payment method
With blanket Without blanket
One month 3,550 yen 3,450 yen Monthly payment
Six months 7,140 yen 6,960 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in
One year 12,960 yen 12,600 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in
Two years 25,920 yen 25,200 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in

There are no refunds for a cancellation partway through the rental period.
Contact us separately as soon as possible if you wish to extend the duration.
Note that it takes at least one week to arrange for a rental futon.

Message from the Dormitory Manager

Welcome to International Residence II! I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome. Residence II is in Takarazuka, which has gorgeous scenery and has a convenient location. It is a place where you can have a variety of experiences while being surrounded by beautiful rural vistas and mountains. Living in Japan in Residence II is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you.

Message from Residents

■We have nothing but gratitude for the Dormitory Manager, who not only maintains the dorm but takes care of each and every resident.
■Thanks to the wonderful Dormitory Manager, I had a great experience living in Residence II. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends in the common area.
■The dorm has a good location, and the neighborhood is quiet.


Q: Are there separate laundry rooms?

A:There are separate coin-operated laundry areas for male and female residents.

Q: Are meals provided?

A: No. Residents may use the shared kitchen to cook, or eat in the cafeteria. Make sure to keep the kitchen clean.

Q: Is there a place to buy everyday items close by?

A: There are supermarkets, shops, banks and other places around Takarazuka Station (JR/Hankyu), which is ten minutes away from the dorm on foot.

Q: How do residents spend time in the common area?

A: Students read books, watch TV and relax, while others play games like table tennis. The common area has a living room atmosphere.