■ Resident Assistants (RAs), chosen from among Kwansei Gakuin University students, live together with international students from all over the world
■ The first floor serves as a community space, complete with a spacious area where international events can be held, a kitchen, a theater room, a meeting room and more
■ The second through fourth floors, which serve as residential spaces, each have their own lounges which allow students to interact with others at any time by leaving their rooms
■ The shared spaces have furniture that evokes a cafe with a homey vibe, and are designed to have a comfortable atmosphere

Video introduction to Yukoryo

Eligible students

■ International students in undergraduate and graduate schools
■ Resident Assistants
■ Exchange students

Recommended for

  • ■ Those who want to engage in fulfilling international exchange while being in Japan
  • ■ Those who want to be in an environment with many different nationalities, and are interested in improving their English skills and ability to understand other cultures
  • ■ Those who want to support international students and be involved in running a dorm as an RA in the future



3-56 Uegahara Niban-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo

Required time to reach campus

A ten-minute walk to the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus
A five-minute walk to the Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus
About 90 minutes to the Kobe-Sanda Campus via public transportation, or about 70 minutes via shuttle bus


■Total number of rooms:  81, with two barrier-free rooms
■Desk, chair, desk light, closet, bed (single, storage drawer underneath), bed light, air conditioner, refrigerator, pole for drying clothes indoors, internet (Wi-Fi)

Shared spaces (each floor)

■ Toilet, shower room, laundry machine (dryer), kitchen, electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, toaster, table, sofa, chairs, TV
■ Smoking is strictly prohibited

Community space (first floor)

■ Fujita Global Commons, meeting room, multipurpose room, theater room (soundproof room), vending machines, dining area (kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, kettle), TV

Yukoryo rules and regulations


Target Expenses Amount Payment date Payment method
All residents Dormitory move-in fee *1 20,000 yen Billed the month after moving in Bank transfer *2
All residents Dormitory fees 59,000 yen a month 27th of the previous month
Non-exchange student residents Disaster insurance *3 5,000 yen a year Pay before the due date listed on the transfer slip Convenience stores and other insurance methods designated by the insurance society
Interested residents Futon rental *3 27th of the previous month Bank transfer

*1 You only have to pay this once, when moving in.
*2 Pay at a convenience store until account registration is completed.
*3 Refer to the chart below for futon rental prices.
*      Expenses for the month of moving in will be billed the following month in a lump sum

Futon rental

Duration Cost (excluding tax) Payment method
With blanket Without blanket
One month 3,550 yen 3,450 yen Monthly payment
Six months 7,140 yen 6,960 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in
One year 12,960 yen 12,600 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in
Two years 25,920 yen 25,200 yen One-time payment, paid the month after moving in

There are no refunds for a cancellation partway through the rental period.
Contact us separately as soon as possible if you wish to extend the duration.
Note that it takes at least one week to arrange for a rental futon.