Handling of Personal Information

Stressing the importance of the visualization of data useand the establishment of legislation

Kwansei Gakuin handles a large amount of personal information not only of our students/pupils, but also of their parents and guarantors, as well as our alumni, teachers and staff members. Therefore, recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, we have developed a system to prevent abuse or leakage of personal information and use the information in an appropriate way. As part of this approach, we have established “The Basic Policy Concerning the Protection of Personal Information” and “Personal Information Management Rules” (as well as its supplementary rule, “Personal Information Management Guideline”).
Kwansei Gakuin will continue our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal information among teachers by complying with the following.

[Handling of Personal Information]

The following is a summary of the provisions set forth in the Personal Information Management Rules and Personal Information Management Guideline, and are the fundamental principles of our efforts to protect personal information.

(1) Purpose
These rules intend to specify the system and basic rules concerning handling of the personal information held by Kwansei Gakuin.

(2) Definition of “Personal Information”
“Personal information” means any information of entrance examination candidates and their guarantors, students/pupils of Kwansei Gakuin and their guarantors as well as alumni, teachers and staff members of Kwansei Gakuin obtained by an employee of Kwansei Gakuin in the course of his/her duties, which can identify specific individuals by name, date of birth, or other description contained in such information.

(3) Responsibility of Teachers
Teachers of Kwansei Gakuin shall recognize the importance of protecting personal information and have a responsibility to take necessary measures to prevent the infringement of rights and benefits of individuals caused by inappropriate handling of personal information. They will continue to have this responsibility even after their resignation.

(4) Personal Information Management System (Supervisor, Committee, Education)
We appoint a Personal Information Management Supervisor who is responsible for the organization and implementation of activities to protect personal information across all of Kwansei Gakuin. The Personal Information Management Supervisor will provide teachers who handle personal information with necessary educational/training programs to learn measures to protect personal information. The Personal Information Management Supervisor also organizes the Personal Information Management Committee as our decision-making body concerning the management of personal information, which designs the personal information management plans, gives necessary instructions and conducts audits.
We also appoint a Personal Information Manager at each administrative unit, who will be in charge or promoting activities to protect personal information held at his/her administrative unit in accordance with the policy established by the Personal Information Management Committee.

(5) Collecting of Personal Information
We will obtain personal information in a fair and lawful manner only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the activities of Kwansei Gakuin. This does not apply, however, when required by law or when individuals otherwise agree beforehand.
The extent of our tasks that involves the collecting of personal information is as follows:

■ Students/pupils
Tasks related to educational affairs, university (school) affairs, students’ benefits, career guidance, student guidance and counseling, etc.
■ Auditing students/non-degree students
Tasks related to the provision of information on classes/lectures, and management of enrollment at classes/lectures
■ Guarantors/parents
Tasks related to sending of notices of academic results of students/pupils and notices concerning tuition fees, operation of parents’ meetings, and sending of notices relating to them
■ Alumni
Tasks related to issuing of documents certifying their graduation, academic results, and enrollment
■ Prospective students
Tasks related to sending documents such as the university (school) entrance guide, and entrance examinations
■ Teachers and administrative staff (including full-time and part-time lecturers and staff, and contract staff)
Tasks related to personnel affairs, salaries, labor affairs, welfare, recruitment, insurance, health, financial affairs, and the operation of the school corporation
■ Neighboring community residents, people outside Kwansei Gakuin
Tasks related to operation of the school corporation
■ People requesting provision of documents, etc.
Tasks related to sending requested documents, and providing information of event information
■ Patients
Tasks related to health affairs

(6) Use and Provision of Personal Information
We endeavor to appropriately manage and take necessary measures to protect from leakage, tampering and loss of all personal information held by Kwansei Gakuin. We will not use any personal information beyond the scope of the purposes of use disclosed beforehand or provide any personal information to any third party outside Kwansei Gakuin. This does not apply, however, when required by law or when individuals otherwise agree beforehand.

(7) Inquiries from outside Kwansei Gakuin (Disclosure, correction, request to stop using information, contact details)
If a person requests disclosure, correction, or stoppage of the use of his/her personal information, the administrative unit holding the relevant information will address the request. In principle, we will address the request only when the person to whom the personal information belongs makes the request in person and the Personal Information Manager (the head of the relevant administrative unit) decides that the requester has a reasonable reason. The requester must send a written request to Kwansei Gakuin. In principle, we will not accept such requests by telephone or fax.

If you have any questions concerning the management of personal information, please contact:
General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division, Kwansei Gakuin
(Tel: 0798-54-6000)