Research Activities
Prof. Akihiro Nishimoto Receives the JMA Marketing Journal 2021 Incentive Award

On October 17, 2021, Professor Akihiro Nishimoto of the School of Business Administration received the Marketing Journal 2021 Incentive Award from the Japan Marketing Academy (JMA) at an awards ceremony held by the JMA. This award was given in recognition of his clarification of the relationship between changes in consumers' digital lifestyles and life satisfaction during the COVID-19 outbreak based on smartphone activation log data. The title of his award-winning paper is "Emergent-Nature Consumers as the Source of Innovation for Rapid Change: Analyses of Social Media Usage during the COVID-19 Outbreak." Currently, he is further developing his research to examine how consumers' digital lives, which have evolved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are connected to their well-being.