Public Transportation

(1) Student Discount

Full-time students can obtain a 20% discount for travel over 100 km in one direction on JR. Get your student discount certificate from the certificate printer. Carry your student ID with you and purchase your discounted ticket at the window prior to boarding.

(2) Commuter Pass

Your transit fare for commuting to school will be cheaper with a school commuter pass. Purchase your commuter pass at a public transportation commuter pass ticket counter. The commuter pass can only be used by the quickest route from your current address to the university.

Students Registered for Classes at Multiple Campuses

If you take classes at different campuses, you may be able to purchase a school commuter pass to both campuses if you meet certain conditions and make a separate application.

* For details please contact the Student Services Center.

(3) Useful Websites

The following websites give information on public transit routes and schedules.

* Available in English and Chinese