L’Esprit de Kwansei Gakuin

In 1889,Kwansei Gakuin was founded by W.R.Lambuth, a young American missionary from the Methodist Episcopal Church,South.In1910,Canadian Methodist Church joined in its management. The institution has developed through cooperation with Americans, Canadians, and Japanese. What was the educational philosophy of Kwansei Gakuin as its founding, and is that Philosophy still alive? The answers can be found in the photographs and voices of our predecessors.

Historical articles on Kwansei Gakuin

The Branch Memorial Chapel, now being used as the Kobe City Museum of Literature, is a symbol of the early days of Kwansei Gakuin in the Harada-no-mori. (photo by Kurumi Takagi)

1. U. S. Presidents Associated with Kwansei Gakuin
2. C. J. L. Bates in L’Orignal: An Excellent Preparation for His Life’s work
3. The Lambuths in Kobe, 1889
4. Seneca Romoff, Matsuyama, Japan
5. The First Decorated Christmas Tree
6. Small Cross on the Gravestone of J. W. Lambuth
7. J. C. C. Newton, Fosterer of Kwansei Gakuin
8. Canada and Kwansei Gakuin
9. A Good Dinner, July 6, 1912
10. "Launch out into the deep." (Luke 5:4)
11. Old Friends for Thirty Years, Bates and Matthews
12. Two Bits from Henry Isenbourg
13. Father Bates and His Daughter, Lulu
14. The Neglected Grave, Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo
15. Prof. Shigeru Nakajima and the Official Repudiation of the Emperor Organ Theory
16. Christmas Caroling


1. An Introduction by the Prime Minister of Japan
2. The Origin of “Mastery for Service”
3. The Genesis of the Kwansei Gakuin Students’ Union
4. Graduation and the Pacific War
5. Missions Accomplished
6. Global Village, Harada-no-mori
7. Memories of an Alma Mater
8. Yoshikuni Yoshioka and the Vanderbilt University Connection
9. The Meaning of the Crescent Moon
10. An Amazing Task: W. M. Vories and the Humanity Declaration
11. The Kwansei Gakuin Golden Jubilee
12. The Tokyo Olympics, 1964
13. The Boxer Rebellion for Bates and Park
14. Rev. W. B. Palmore and Kwansei Gakuin
15. A Little School Feels Newton’s Warmth
16. The Ashes, Missing or Hidden
17. Center of Life, Lifht, and Power
18. Adjustment to the Home Country
19. The Best English Speaker and the Treasure of the Literary College
20. The Miserable Trio
21. Shoin’s Short Sword
22. The T. H. Haden Diaries
23. A Prediction That Came True


1. The Commercial School in Osaka and W. R. Lambuth
2. “U Boj, U Boj” by Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club
3. The Age of Pioneers, Commercial College
4. Lorne Crescent and the Crescent Cottage
5. A Birthday Resignation
6. A Student from Matsuyama
7. Friendship with the Flying Scotsman
8. Student and Teacher
9. Special Invitaion: The Centennial of the Founding of Latvia
10. Kwansei Gakuin Finds Fame in a Novel
11. An Audience with the Emperor Showa
12. D. R. McKenzie, the Prince of Mission Treasures
13. The Lambuths and American Literature
14. Last Prayer
15. C. J. L. Bates on Television
16. “Fair and Square” and Vanderbilt University
17. D. R. McKenzie and His Friend, Edward Gauntlett
18. Two Newtons for Twinned Departmens
19. Four Eminent Alumni of Johns Hopkins University
20. A Pradox over the Century